grupo argos annual report

The combined ratio of 117.5% compares to 95.4% in the previous year. how the Internet of Things is shaking up insuranceResearchers estimate that driverless cars could reduce traffic fatalities by up to 90%.Learn why hurricanes are getting more severeAfter an extraordinary series of catastrophic events, we served our customers faithfully through expeditious claims handling. Six in 10 SMEs do not believe their current cybersecurity is adequate, but only 27 percent of SMEs report they are "likely" or "very likely" to purchase cyber insurance.Liability is another crucial issue for municipalities, Marinelli said.But maybe there's another reason more companies haven't considered cyber insurance: Perhaps cyber insurance policies don't measure up to customer expectations. The businesses of Argo Group collaborate to deliver unsurpassed service to clients everywhere. Here are the four breaches that directly affected the most consumers in the past few years.As we grow, we’re committed to securing the future for our employees, just as we are for our clients, shareholders and communities.With some 400,000 industry professionals set to retire within the next five years, attracting talent is looming as a major issue for our industry. The future doesn't look much better. Together, the most destructive of those – hurricanes Irma, Maria and Harvey – tallied an estimated $100 billion in insurance costs.CLICK TO READ ABOUT THE IMPACT OF NATURAL CATASTROPHES IN 2017To learn more, watch the world's first comparison of Despite the challenges posed by intense weather events, Argo’s U.S. Operations achieved a fifth consecutive year of profitability in 2017. Our focus in Asia, as always, is to find unique opportunities where our long experience as specialty underwriters allows us to compete, even against much larger carriers. If another cost-benefit analysis had demonstrated that insurance wasn't worth the expense or didn't perform as desired, the insurance option would certainly be less attractive.SMEs that have a cyber insurance policy are highly satisfied, as the study showed:Since thousands of nodes can be hosting copies of any given ledger, it's essentially impossible to falsify records. Despite significant, industry-wide catastrophe claims and underwriting challenges in the London market, our balance sheet held up well, and we finished the year in a better competitive position than we started.The National League of Cities suggests municipal drone ordinances should:Reconciliations of Non-GAAP Financial MeasuresHartwig teaches courses in risk management, insurance and corporate finance at the University of South Carolina's Darla Moore School of Business. Yet the factors I’ve mentioned – capital, climate, new risk and talent – are the home turf of specialty insurance at which Argo excels. Last year, we continued that approach by opening a center in Hong Kong, where our expertise in sustainable energy has attracted the interest of businesses ready to launch infrastructure projects related to clean, renewable power.American Stock Transfer & Trust Company, LLCAs we would expect, given the risk portfolio, our International business was more heavily impacted by catastrophes during 2017. Also core to Argo’s culture is our employees’ deep commitment to the communities in which they live and work. The payouts could be massive, and yet today’s premiums cannot truly reflect the scope of the risk, because we do not always know what that scope is.Bryan Mortimer, an Argo Surety mining engineer, was granted a U.S. patent for co-inventing a ventilation system to repurpose methane exhaust in mines as an energy source for surface refineries.Condensed Consolidated Statements of Cash FlowBreen is senior vice president of digital at Argo Group. Click here for Anexxes Grupo Argos. Watson had previously invested in Argo Group's predecessor company, Argonaut Group, in 1998, and joined its board of directors in 1999. It was, however, unfortunate that our acquisition of Ariel Re closed in the first quarter – meaning our net retentions for multiple reinsurance programs resulted in an additional impact on the bottom line. He also serves as co-director of the Moore School's Risk and Uncertainty Management Center. Notably, we found ways to further accelerate our submissions process. "[That's] simply because there's more stuff in harm's way.

This report is the result of an exercise in transparency about the management of the most relevant economic, social and environmental issues for Grupo Argos … Late in the year, we unified our international open-market property businesses to allow our London, Bermuda and U.S. teams to participate on joint accounts and better deploy our growing capacity.As we look to the future of insurance, the risk posed by natural catastrophes will also evolve. But that doesn't seem to be happening as much as it should.CLICK TO HEAR ABOUT THE FUTURE OF DIGITAL DISTRIBUTIONPodcast: This equated to approximately $127 million in claims net for 2017 and a combined ratio of 107.2%, compared to 96.2% in 2016.
White spent nearly 20 years as a broker working on E&O and cyber-related product lines with Fortune 500 companies and large professional service firms.Argo Group gross written premiums grew to $2.70 billion in 2017, a But will all-digital companies backed by fresh investor capital shake up our industry even further? Blockchain technology can allow any kind of data to be tracked and traded digitally, securely and transparently without a central administrator. Our net earned premium at $1.6 billion was 11.5% higher than the previous year. This contribution of 400 million pesos to # DonatónPorMedellín joins the 10,000 million pesos recently donated by Grupo Empresarial Argos through its foundation to … We launched a sensor-based technology that lets operators of restaurants, supermarkets and other retail businesses reduce the frequency and severity of customer and employee accidents. To reverse the trend, we added new leadership, reorganized our teams, strengthened our underwriting guidelines and raised our prices where needed.