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Continuing with Aesthetics, being a US branded product they ship with US cables.

As a mesh system, the Google Wifi is not able to function without a Modem?My understanding is its fttn. Funny enough when I go onto the main Google Mesh Wifi and turn on VPN these streaming sites works (but of course cant use Foxtel/Optus Sport due to location).Most of NAT issues comes for UDP based protocols.

I'm thinking about upgrading my billion 7800N.Ive gone through some threads and have some questions and some things i need solid reinforcement on. p.s im nack from 2 weeks in fiji , man its dam cold in MelbourneIncidentally, AmpliFi supports setting the VLAN for the WAN port if ever required.Both are nice neat installs and very unobtrusive (the UAPs light can easily be disabled). posted 2017-Nov-19, 8:19 pm AEST posted 2017-Apr-24, 11:10 pm AEST Have you any further details about the australia release? Part of the reason for the ubiquiti doing a turd over the meshed system is likely due to the placement on the ceiling rather than being waist height on a table. I am looking at the Google Wifi as my girlfriend and I are looking at a new house shes very much into aesthetics. I'm quite partial to UniFi hardware, but that's aimed at the business market. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcutsIf anyone has had this issue and resolved it please let me know, I have contacted Google and they provided a link to check if I had double NAT and they said I did. You may have to pay for a fixed IP address, depending on the ISP.It’s fucking foxtel , no one is surprised their shit sucksI have contacted Foxtel regarding CGNAT and they couldn't help but I looked into it myself and my IP address matches my Google Wifi WAN IP address so no CGNAT.Hello I have been browsing around reddit to try and solve an issue I have been having with the Google Mesh I recently purchased. once you know the exact type of NBN you are getting you will then know if the google wifi needs an actual modem or notI find it funny how some of these mesh systems are only slightly cheaper than what ive installed ubiquiti systems for, fully wired back to the modem and working I followed their instructions & also contacted Foxtel (ISP) to see if they could fix but they couldn't help.The irony of Foxtel ISP providing an internet service that does not work with their Steaming Service.

It really depends though, if you aren't putting much demand on the meshed points it isn't a problem. Some of these mesh kits can have cables run to each unit so they have their own backhaul too. And it says "up to" 100/40. Firstly. Google Wi-Fi does not support this. Thanks and hope to hear back soon!If you don't want multiple devices, I'm not sure what benefit Google Wifi has. posted 2017-Nov-19, 7:45 am AEST
I find it funny how some of these mesh systems are only slightly cheaper than what ive installed ubiquiti systems forThanks mate, will definitely look into this, the AmpliFi is a bit over my budget. And what will they transfer to via the Google Wi-Fi mesh system.

It looks very nice. This can take up to 10 minutes. posted 2017-Apr-25, 9:03 am AEST The AmpliFi base unit (without the mesh points) is around the same price as the Asus RT-AC68U.

posted 2017-Nov-22, 9:59 pm AEST So both will directly work with NBN HFC.i believe google wifi is slated to be released in au later this year and i would suggest you wait as importing from the states will bring its own issues like fixed wifi regional settings and power supply issue as well as any warranty issues you may encounterhowever been reading about some issues the google wifi has atm ( not unlike a lot of these mesh systems ) as its still early days for all mesh type systems and google wifi is no different with work arounds being the norm atm