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I do not expect for one millisecond that there will be no growth in next 9 months so again they fail. FY 2021: Games Workshop ranks No.8 in the list. Top games

In advance of our AGM on 16 September 2020, Games Workshop Group PLC announces today that trading for the three months to 30 August 2020 (the “Period“) was ahead of the Board’s expectations. With a little work he would have realised that the company beats broker forecasts time after time, even when they re-forecast as the year goes on. It means they think that 1. sales will be lower in 9 months than last year pro rata and they think PBIT margin will slip to 28.4%.

Gaw Gaw is a furry brown mammalian creature. Feel like market cap is v close1smw - thanks for sharing more detail on your thinking. The recent trading update, with the big profit increase, covers this current FY - and if all continues to go well, I would expect the full staff bonus to occur this FY.It would be dangerous to extrapolate a PBIT margin at 50% for the whole year as there is not enough information to understand why it was a step change higher in 3 months' trading statement.

However, operational gearing has swamped any extra costs. If there is money for a divi then bonuses should have been paid first. The PBIT margin in June 18 was 29.2%, June 19 27.3% (new capacity costs) , H1 for last year 33.3% and H2 20.1% combined 27.1%. Much appreciated. Check post history and filter.1smw - great response, thanks. Free cash flow: 68.5

I'm a love interest in my childhood friend's reverse harem!! The best guide was H1 at 33.3%. View recent trades and share price information for Games Workshop Group and other shares. EPS (pence): 286.0 Turnover: 322.6

:-)Not too far if you use the £100 price instead of £90 though, I put us at around 109th for now, would expect it to be in the next 6 - 12 months hopefullyPost 4533, another cretin. It has two mole-like claws on each of it's hands, pointy ears, and a tiny black nose (blue in-game).

I had assumed a return to growing PBIT margins in the current year and was clearly too conservative in going for 35%. I will update when I feel more confident about annual PBIT margin, all I will say is I expect my 35% figure in my forecast from early August to be beaten significantly. FY 2022:

Chúng tôi không chịu trách nhiệm về độ chính xác của các thông tin này.GoldFire Studios thông báo chính thức ra mắt phiên bản Open Beta của trò chơi CasinoRPG vào ngày 03/09/2013 sau một năm phát triê...Các bài viết được đội ngũ biên tập đầu tư dịch kĩ lưỡng với mong muốn đem lại cho bạn đọc Việt Nam cái nhìn toàn cảnh về thị trường game quốc tế.Webgame Eldevin chính thức ra mắt ngày 30/11Phiên bản số của trò chơi Pandemic: The Board Game đã có mặt trên iPad vào ngày 03/10/2013. This is the contractual right for hitting certain KPIs. With celebrity soccer players in Europe earning a tidy sum, clubs look out for their investments by calling on the best surgical assistance possible. Hiện tại Eldevin đang trong giai đoạn thử nghiệm. Net borrowing: -102.4Games Workshop leads our Ultimate Stocks in difficult times. This is not good.

Why would any forecaster who knows how business works expect PBIT margin to stay at 27.1%. This was very apparent during the Indomitus release and Edison have been guided that online sales grew at 30% in Q1 which is a step change over recent years (online growth has been pretty subdued) I had expected more cost in the business to deal with working in the C19 environment. Turnover: 341.2 So the pain was shared or rather prudence was served out amongst all stakeholders.


Attack patterns. However, it will be a quiet affair due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I will make my feelings known to the company.The staff received £1k bonus in 18/19 and 19/20.

The latest Games Workshop Group share price (GAW). Capex: 23.3 The latest Games Workshop Group share price (GAW). I am not saying it won't be 50% for whole year, it is just too early to call.

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Suggests a confidence going forward imo.From the FT article, "Games Workshop staff also have reason to be upset, having not received discretionary bonus payments of around £1,500 even after delivering record profits for the 2020 financial year." Các bài viết được đội ngũ biên tập đầu tư dịch kĩ lưỡng với mong muốn đem lại cho bạn đọc Việt Nam cái nhìn toàn cảnh về thị trường game quốc tế. Filter to All 2475 Adventure 172 Casual 161 Indie 242 RPG 124 Simulation 102.