gale and katniss

Katniss has great skill with a bow, taught to her by her father, and Gale is an excellent trapper. Katniss even says that although President Coin was the one to give the execution order, she wouldn't be able to look at or forgive Gale without being reminded about the part he played in Prim's death. With Prim in particular, Katniss feels a deep sense of responsibility. ".Unlike Peeta who was busy being brainwashed, working for President Snow, and wearing white after Labor Day — though again, not entirely his fault — Gale fought beside Katniss during the revolution. Like Peeta, Gale could have been hijacked and lost what made him 'him'. The fact that Katniss also volunteered to protect Prim didn't help to keep the pressure off of him. Later, at breakfast, she learns that Peeta has asked Haymitch to coach him separately, that he doesn't want to be Katniss' training mate anymore. Educators go through a rigorous application process, and every answer they submit is reviewed by our in-house editorial team.If you look at the first two chapters the relationship of Katniss to these three characters is clearly explored. Darius sees Gale and Katniss and makes his way towards them. BuzzFeed Staff "Tuck in your tail, little duck." These two relationships harden Katniss's personality. Because they must both put up strong fronts for their families who rely on them, they can only look towards one another for comfort. When Gale says that he was trying to protect her, Katniss gets fed up and implies that he cares more about her role in the cause than her well-being. Katniss and a squad of top-tier soldiers had entered the Capitol to film a propaganda segment but found the territory booby-trapped — a move that turns out to … However, there was irking moment that had fans scratching their heads and that was the lack of gratitude Katniss showed him.Despite the hunters' friendship being tense throughout,The most obvious of all entries had to be Gale's part in Primrose's death. "I'll leave you two to get to know each other." I had a quick look-around before sitting down next to Gale and staring out the window again; my final glimpse of District 12. Facts are facts, Katnip.

A few days later, Katniss watches another interview of Peeta and becomes overwhelmed. Had she given him a slightly different answer, they could've spent their lives complimenting each other's extreme attractiveness and eating feral forest creatures.Gale was totally there for Katniss during her Games-induced PTSD. He respects Katniss' decision-making skills, and isn't intimidated by the fact that she's a female leader. He even volunteered to rescue Peeta because he wanted Katniss to be happy. Or rather, his lips were. You are. Her eyes are collecting tears, but she quickly turns around and I follow her into the small house. It was something that did get old pretty quick, especially when it came to.When Peeta appeared on a Capitol propo, he didn't even tell her because "he wanted to protect her". She never questions Gale, but is always suspicious of Peeta. Katniss sees this and goes into shock. by Morgan Sloss. But allow us to blow your mind with the following real talk: Katniss should have picked Gale Hawthorne — for other reasons than the mere fact that he's played by our collective imaginary boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth.We know, we know, thinking about Peeta all alone in the world, just chillin' with a bag of flour as his only friend, is extremely tragic. Keep reading to discover the 5.Whilst this was part of the agreement between the two, it was a little unfair of Katniss to ask Gale to look out for her family as well. Snow knew that Gale was another weakness of Katniss' and would have used this against her. They are both just young adults in the story yet they both bear the burdens of their respective families. Or when Katniss lay her head on Gale's shoulder while they were on a propaganda mission? Did Peeta spend his formative years hunting haters (read: turkeys) with Katniss? Remember their flirty hunting banter? But my best friend predicts I will choose the person "I can't survive without." In.Whilst it can be frustrating to not get an answer, Gale seems to forget that Katniss is no ordinary woman and has other prioritizes on her mind. In.As soon as Prim was killed, any hope for Katniss and Gale was gone. But there are several compelling reasons why Katniss made the wrong choice, and we've rounded them up below.Katniss and Gale have been LYLAS-level friends since they were kids. Her feelings for Gale become even more confused when Peeta is thrown into the mix.What are some of Katniss' personality traits in The Hunger Games?In The Hunger Games, how does Katniss overcome her situation?Why does Katniss Everdeen survive in The Hunger Games?How did Katniss lose her innocence in The Hunger Games?In what time period does The Hunger Games take place?Why is The Hunger Games classified as a dystopian literature?How can literature be the mirror of life?What are some of Peeta Mellark's character traits in The Hunger Games?What type of conflict is present in The Hunger Games. “Gale didn't say, "Katniss will pick whoever it will break her heart to give up," or even "whoever she can't live without." Katniss's trauma from the Games.As much as Gale hopes to support Katniss in the aftermath of the Games, he would never be able to understand why she isn't as fuelled with hate as he is for the Capitol. & 9 Ambiguous Movie Endings We're Still Questioning,Pirates Of The Caribbean: 5 Characters That The Future Of The Franchise Can Be Based Around (& 5 That Wouldn't Work),Harry Potter: 10 Ways James Potter Got Worse And Worse,MCU: 10 Best Supporting Characters, Ranked,8 '80s Sci-Fi Movies That Didn't Age Well (& 7 That Are Timeless),The Princess Diaries 3: 10 Rumors & Fan Theories That Might Be True,10 Best Supernatural Horror Movies Of The Last Decade, Ranked According to IMDb Rating,10 Things Midnight Sun Added To The Twilight Franchise,Mulan: Why The Songs Should Have Been Included (& Why They Shouldn't Have),10 Best Sci-Fi Comedy Movies Of The Last Decade, Ranked According to IMDb Rating,The 10 Most Entertaining Comedy/Horror Movies Ever Made. Katniss is of course responsible for looking after Prim and her mother, as her desire to protect Prim from as much as possible indicates. If anything happened to them, Katniss would have never forgiven him.Out of all the books, Gale and Katniss' friendship suffered the most in.There's also another clash between the two friends when Katniss finds out that Gale was hiding information from her, particularly about Peeta.