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So instead of being able to grab a 80,000 KRW internet ticket we ended up spending 115,000 KRW each via a phone reservation which was the only frustration.Sounds like a great trip! Take the next train an hour later?

We are going to travel to south korea on may.Nice tour trip I also coming from Seoul to Tokyo. I simply just printed the email out and showed the lady at the check in counter. I reserved my ticket on korail, so if I didn’t make it within an hour, I could have a certain percentage of it refunded depending on the time.I will certainly let you know if that is the case. I’ve been using this JR Affiliate from Switzerland – no handling fees and free delivery worldwide. That’s a loooong journey, over 35 hours? Plan to cross Busan to Fukuoka on 27 Dec, its nearly new year and so I’m not sure if it is easy…..what’s your thoughts!I am about to return there this month to get photos of the new ferry terminal. The quickest flight from Fukuoka Airport to Gimhae Airport is the direct flight which takes 55 min. So don't spend too long deciding! The Fukuoka to Busan ferry connects Japan to South Korea and is operated by Camellia Line and JR Kyushu Beetle Ferry. From Busan Ferry Port you can get a ferry to Fukuoka in Japan. With 5 different airlines operating flights between Fukuoka and Busan, there are, on average, 428 flights per month. Which did you get? You can also type the country or even the name of the ferry company you are interested in. Always worth comparing costs and routes!Hi. If you get in the wrong line, don’t worry: they check tickets well and will send you back to your seat.Hi Fred, yes, in fact it just happened to me last month. The city bus in Fukuoka is pretty easy and arrives/picks up right in front of the sea terminal. Please note that the information provided is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time we have received the same information from the Ferry Operators. You can use a credit card. (You can, however, still see the OLD dotted line to the sort of star-shaped looking old ferry terminal just south of there). Fukuoka Ferry Port is located in the south of Japan and is said to be the country's oldest city, due to it's proximity to South Korea and China. The Camellia Line service runs up to 7 times per week with a sailing duration of around 5 hours 30 minutes while the JR Kyushu Beetle Jet Ferry service runs up to 16 times per week with a duration from 3 hr 5 min. It is a representative visitor attraction of Busan where has dense evergreen trees and several facilities for tourists such as an observatory, an amusement park, a light house, a cruise ship terminal.
I have a train ride that starts one hour after the arrival time in Fukuoka.

If you're not sure if the Fukuoka to Busan route is right for you or you can't decide between ferry companies, if there is more than one, you might also find it useful to read any reviews we have available. The ferry is just so much more interesting than just flying, plus you get to visit Fukuoka, the best for ramen, and Busan, a great alternative to Seoul. Not a problem. Rome2rio also offers online bookings for selected operators, making reservations easy and straightforward.Book your Fukuoka to Busan ferry tickets online with Direct Ferries.More details

JR Beetle (Japan company) and Kobee (Korean company) run this Busan-Fukuoka (Hakata) ferry route, and a slow boat — the Camellia Line — is about 6.5 hours from Fukuoka to Busan, departing just after noon.