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Today, it continues to be an area that is not well maintained or cleaned by the city. It is located in the geographical center of the City, connecting the neighborhoods of:Image for Franklin Park Action Plan virtual workshop set for July 14Did you know that Franklin Park is currently undergoing a Master Planning process? We thank you for your patience. The park is composed of 527 acres and consists of 6 miles of roads and 15 miles of horse/pedestrian paths. It is Boston's biggest park and the site of Franklin Park Zoo. City department hours For the latest updates, please visit our coronavirus (COVID-19) website: Our efforts are in collaboration with a cross-functional team led by landscape architects In preparation for this investment, we've launched a master planning process for Franklin Park. It is the biggest park in Boston and it has a zoo and an 18-hole golf course. Credit: Parks and Recreation

One of these cages featured a detailed stone sculpture of bears and the crest of the City of Boston.Franklin Park is often cited as the location of the "first game of intercollegiate ice hockey played in the United States" on January 19, 1898.From 1823–1824, before the park was created, "When Harvard Met Brown It Wasn't Ice Polo" Boston Lights is sold out through October 4. It is currently operated by Zoo New England, which also operates the Stone Zoo in Stoneham, Massachusetts. A Wonderful Place to Spend a Day & Night with Boston lights!! L'hôtel Franklin Park est situé dans un grand parc de South Roxbury à Boston. If you need to visit a department, you must make an appointment. The Ralph Waldo Emerson: The Schoolmaster of Franklin Park (pdf format)Franklin Park contains the eighteen-hole Cross country running courses in MassachusettsThe Long Crouch Woods, the location of the historic "Bear Dens", is also located within the park. We hope to create a master plan that will lead to a more accessible and sustainable future for Franklin Park. Our goal is to have ideas laid out within the master plan that will help to inform future projects and programming within the park. The Franklin Park Coalition (FPC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to involving the community to work, play, & engage in Franklin Park, Boston’s largest green space. It is loved by residents and visitors for its miles of trails, playing fields, historical features and so much more. Due to high traffic volume on our website, the wait time to purchase tickets may be higher than usual. With its acres of woods and scenic views, Franklin Park has long been considered Boston’s “country park.” The 485-acre park remains Boston’s largest open space. Having been to every major Zoo Bronx, San Diego, Washington DC, Columbus, etc. It is loved by residents and visitors for its miles of trails, playing fields, historical features and so much more. Once the focus of the zoo, the Bear Dens were designed and built in 1912, and were planned to have a small collection of domestic animals. It is a clearly a happy place with animals, people and employees enjoying the environment. C'est un très bon endroit où aller pour s'écarter de la ville et il y avait un repas en plein air en été. COVID-19 information The original grounds featured a grand staircase leading to a large courtyard, framed by several large iron bear cages.

With its acres of woods and scenic views, Franklin Park has long been considered Boston’s “country park.” City Hall is open to the public on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.