first civilization

Specifically, the most recent evidence comes from Gadachrili gora, near the village of Imiri in the same region; carbon-dating points to the date of about 6000 BC.That is correct. My dear nerdy friends. Today Egyptologists, archaeologists who focus on this ancient civilization, have learned a great deal about the rulers, artifacts, and customs of ancient Egypt. The sooner we start recognizing this, the better for us all.Let’s go about 7 or 8 thousand years earlier..Impossible.. I truly appreciate your time, effort, knowledge and delightful way the work you provided us had been displayed, thank you.Oh really? creation stories that share striking similarities to each other. We were never there 4,000 or 5,000 years ago. They the government(all over) are hiding the truth of our history from us.

If you truly speak from the heart, no one has any right to judge.I don’t think specific cultures are a disaster for not been stable or wealthy or evolved….I think, nothing is for ever and because of that..older civilizations are not doing well and disappearing….greed, materialism….I think could be their down fall…to my understanding us humans go around in circle repeating the same mistakes…of creed and intentions to control others…just for the sake of power…and I don’t think we are the generation to fix it….perhaps the great flood was a opportunity to start over…perhaps another great flood is needed and hopefully our old mistakes will be preserve so we can involve towards peace… the end is all up to us….our planet responds to our behaviours…perhaps the answer is taking care of it if we want to evolve as humans…..if you really noticed, most of those civilizations die out because low resources diminishing or because if war…in order to process we must take into account past mistakes…taking care of the planet is the most important survival technique…we are all those oldest civilizations….going in circles…..The Sphinx is over 10,000 + BCE and that is in Africa…must deal with the facts folks. If you want more proof look it up. "Oldest Civilization in the Americas Revealed"It has been noted that the courtyard pattern and techniques of flooring of Harappan houses has similarities to the way house-building is still done in some villages of the region.Major advances in architecture, art, and technology were made during the subsequent"Popcorn Was Popular in Ancient Peru, Discovery Suggests""The Natufian Culture in the Levant, Threshold to the Origins of Agriculture"Current scholarship generally identifies six sites where civilization emerged independently:"Agricultural Origins and Frontiers in South Asia: A Working Synthesis"The earliest evidence of agriculture in theAdams, Robert MCC. Nevertheless, the civilization exhibited impressive architectural feats, including large earthwork platform mounds and sunken circular plazas, and an advanced textile industry. I thank you so much for such a contribution.So the bottomline is – Western Civilization is an immature but arrogant kid who kept on claiming that they did it first, when all they did was copy what someone else had done.Jiroft in iran is the oldest ancient civilization in the world .aratta kingdomNo use of fighting ourshelves on proving which and whoose civilization is oldest or true ir great whatever.Dwaraka City : Birthplace of God KRiSHNA @ Dwapar Yug of Copper Age of Cyclic Eastern Philosophy or Hindusim Dharma @ Concept .2. BTW: “culture”(living;art;construction;scients;education;ocupation;organization) means civilization today vs what you thinking was “culture” (agriculture;living;hunting;art;construction) in 7000BC ?What about kurdish civilization.The kurdish civilizationś structure,Gobakli Tepe is for almost 12000 years ago.What about Mehrgarh Balochistan ,which date backs to 7500 BC.I read your article’s dear friend, I am an Iranian culture and civilization of my country one of the oldest civilizationsEastern is the oldest civilization for example BHARAT Civilization they existed & survived for billions & millions of years ever since EarthThe history of ancient Egypt can be divided into a series of stable kingdoms separated by periods of relative instability known as intermediate periods: The Old Kingdom of the Early Bronze Age, the Middle Kingdom of the Middle Bronze Age and the New Kingdom of the Late Bronze Age.What I understand is that this article is showing the OLDEST AND GREATEST civilization, and remind you, city and human activity is different from civilization.I do not believe that the Turkish are older than the ancient Greeks, that is what i have been told. In fact, that sort of thing happens remarkably frequently.Actually what we know as Western Civilization had only began around 1500s in Europe after a time period called the Dark Ages.Actually the Mesopotamians were the first civilisation ( not because I’m Iraqi ) since all of the other countries have been stealing their inventions .

I personally feel that a creator exists but I do not adhere or following a religion as I feel that man has created that and not the creator.

(Princeton: University Press, 1992)After the Early Dynastic period begins, there was a shift in control of the city-states from the temple establishment headed by council of elders led by a priestly "En" (a male figure when it was a temple for a goddess, or a female figure when headed by a male god)Sigfried J. de Laet, Ahmad Hasan Dani, eds.Coe, Michael D. (1968). They introduced a council known as the Senate which ruled over them.