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Broadband The latest casualty is OneWeb, a U.K. company that raised $3.4 billion from investors including Airbus SE and SoftBank Group Corp. on the promise of “internet access everywhere, for everyone” before “There still is real uncertainty with regard to the future of these systems,” says Carissa Christensen, chief executive officer of analytics company Bryce Space & Technology. the Picture: AP Photo/John RaouxMusk has also tweeted to say the base terminal you’d have at your house to receive signals wouldn’t be as complex to install as the satellite dishes the NBN will bolt on the side of your house.While ACMA has given the tick of approval, not everyone is happy.India-China border: India digs tunnel on crucial China borde...ACMA regulates spectrum used by mobile network operators, radio stations and satellite operators to communicate over the airwaves.An ambitious plan from a well-known tech maverick is one step closer to reality after receiving approval by Australian regulators.If the Starlink plan does go ahead as envisioned, Musk reckons speeds of up to 1Gbps (gigabits per second) could be possible.Eden Innovations: Aussie product could be answer to coastal ...But Starlink won’t be without competition if it does end up operating in Australia, as companies Kepler Communications and Swarm Technologies have also been added to the list of foreign entities allowed to use satellites to communicate on frequencies in Australia’s airspace.SpaceX has already begun sending these satellites into space, but requires approval to have those satellites communicate with the base stations on the ground.Musk’s SpaceX company, which is also working on space tourism, plans to create a constellation of satellites around the Earth to deliver broadband internet services.In submissions to the Authority, Foxtel raised concerns the lower orbit satellites communicating in the same frequency band as its satellite further in space could cause interference.She added that protecting existing satellites further in space “must be a priority for ACMA going forward” and said Foxtel wants to be part of future liaison groups regarding the licensing of the closer satellite constellations.Ford Ranger F4 MAX: hardcore new model to debut this yearAstronomers have complained that the Starlink satellites already in orbit are too bright and hamper their observations.“This is a crucial link in our product delivery chain, and the consequences of interference, outages or degradations of margin are at the highest end of the spectrum of consequences for a business such as Foxtel,” the company’s manager of policy and regulatory affairs Holly Brimble said in the submission.Fight videos: Cheeky pool ball act sparks pub brawlElon Musk's test mission has detached from the International Space Station.Sending this tweet through space via Starlink satellite Find out more about our policy and your choices, including how to opt-out.There are also concerns that sending thousands of small satellites into space will just lead to more debris in the future.The Starlink satellites, will orbit between 337 kilometres and 1142 kilometres from the ground, making them able to communicate much faster than other satellites much further away.“We hold very high levels of concern regarding the interference potential.”The NBN has also indicated it might consider a similar constellation approach when the current satellites are replaced in five years.While fixed line connections can download at up to 100Mbps, satellite connections are limited to a maximum of 25Mbps down and 5Mbps up.Foxtel is owned by News Corp, which is also the publisher of this website.news.com.au — Australia’s leading news site SpaceX satellites have the bold aim of bridging the digital divide.

All rights reserved. ... Musk has promised a slender Starlink receiver that’s plugged in, … Starlink is launched in groups of 60 satellites per launch. NBN speed