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The Boring Company’s Las Vegas tunnel will be operational in “only a few months,” according to company frontman Elon Musk, who updated the project’s progress on August 28. At the turn of the 21st century, brain signals from monkeys were used to control an artificial arm. Recently, neuroscientists have started exploring intermediate scales, searching for structure in the activity patterns of large groups of cells. The project is yet another challenge for Elon Musk. And in 2006, the BrainGate team began implanting arrays of 100 electrodes in the brains of paralysed people, enabling basic control of computer cursors and assistive devices.By Andrew Jackson, Professor of Neural Interfaces, Newcastle UniversityMaybe when using the Neuralink, people might be able to learn how to activate their brain cells in the right way to control the interface. ChargePoint Home WiFi Enabled Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger When I raised some brief reservations about the science, Musk dismissed them in a tweet saying: “It is unfortunately common for many in academia to overweight the value of ideas and underweight bringing them to fruition. The South African entrepreneur, who has been naturalized as an American citizen, is continuing to come to the fore with highly ambitious schemes following the success of Tesla, which is now valued at 300 billion dollars, a record for a carmaker, and SpaceX, the company which put two astronauts in space earlier this year. They have built a device to relay signals wirelessly from 1,024 electrodes implanted into Gertrude’s brain by a sophisticated robot. Elon Musk has been hyping up his tunneling company on Twitter this week, revealing a project in Nevada is now nearing completion.. Or, the group suggested, companies could just not launch these satellites at all, since the plans indicate a grim future for astronomy.NASA just fired up the most powerful rocket booster ever built — a key part of its Space Launch System to return humans to the moonPreviously, that reflected light made the Starlink spacecraft appear as bright, moving trails in the night sky, photobombing astronomers' telescope observations and blotting out the stars.Leadership and Business Skill for Immediate I... E lon Musk has had lots of success over the years and there is lots he can teach us about how to do projects better. Musk checked on the progress of that project, meeting earlier with Brandenburg state premier Dietmar Woidke. To give humankind a chance at becoming a multi-planetary species, there’s SpaceX. Last weekend, Musk was asked about the secret project and while the CEO didn’t reveal anything new, he did hint that it could make the difference:Electric Vehicle Price Guide – best prices for dealers in the USI can see project Dojo making the difference for Tesla to achieve full self-driving on a more aggressive timeline than competitors.What do you think? Elon Musk set an aggressive deadline for Tesla to achieve full self-driving capability, but the electric automaker might have an ace up its sleeve that mostly went under the radar: project ‘Dojo’. In 2005, I helped develop Neurochips, which recorded brain signals, known as action potentials, from single cells for days at a time and could even send electrical pulses back into the skull of an animal. Paytm app removed from the Google Play Store – big blow to Paytm First Games ahead of the IPL starting tomorrowYosemite National Park Closes Due to Wildfire... Here’s whyElon Musk set an aggressive deadline for Tesla to achieve full self-driving capability, but the electric automaker might have an ace up its sleeve that mostly went under the radar: project ‘Dojo’. Elon Musk’s HyperLoop Project. Once we know which brain cells prefer different directions, we can “decode” subsequent movements by tallying their action potentials like votes.When it comes to influencing, rather than reading, the brain, the challenges are greater still. Image Souce: Techinsider.com. But cells with different roles are mixed together, so it is hard to produce a meaningful experience. A new interactive map lets you track where your city or town was located on Earth 750 million years agoIt's still unclear how effective Starlink's new visors will be. As you already know, the Starship rocket has the ability to transport people or goods between two countries or between two cities on Earth. Three years ago, Elon Musk pitched a grandiose vision for the future of intracity vehicle travel: layers of tunnels that would efficiently speed vehicles through cities. IN PICS: Mitra and other humanoid robots help COVID-19 patients stuck in quarantine across hospitals in India Doubts Over Elon Musk’s Grand Project.