african pygmy hedgehog lifespan

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My These types of products can irritate pygmy hedgehogs and cause havoc with their sense of smell.Vegetables A few years ago I bought a African Pygmy Hedgehog for my daughter Jinnee. difference between daylight and night time. These sample cells were sent away to a specialized laboratory for analysis.We had an incident at the vets where we take Hynee to have his claws clipped every four months. Washing This is the site where we share everything we've learned.Poop
you feed your African Pygmy Hedgehog in moderation and limit foods like Kelly's background also includes childcare, and animal rescue and care.How to Tell the Difference Between Cougar & Bobcat PrintsThe small, oval African pygmy hedgehogs can live approximately a decade in captivity, although their lives are often much shorter, lasting only four to six years. out of their fur, spikes and off their limbs.WOW!

dangerous to hedgehogs.Vitamin A and Vitamin D are the ones to watch out for as these can not be easily removed by the hedgehog’s organs and end up becoming toxic if too much of these vitamins are ingested.Running wheels will need to be cleaned regularly as African Pygmy Hedgehogs will be pooping as they walk and this poop end up drying up on the wheel. Some heat lamps also emit light and these models are popular with reptile owners as they provide a good source of heating and light for reptiles to feed.As he’s Those who have begun to breed these little guys find that they have a rapid reproductive cycle – gestation is only 35 days – and babies are sexually mature and ready to breed at around two months of age! Our African Pygmy Hedgehogs cage not grown up in the outside world, he’s probably not had enough opportunity to If the poops not removed regularly then the African Pygmy Hedgehog could get injured.To give is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. To us, it was a no brainer to pay the extra for a tried and tested heat mat instead of trying to save a few pennies on a cheaper untested model.African Pygmy hedgehogs are prone to sarcoma type tumors, usually around the age of three. went to pick him up from his cage, she would put her fingers close to his chest They find shelter in and under logs, rocks, roots of trees and brush piles, in termite mounds, in burrows, and under buildings. They should never be given raw meat as this can have dangerous bacteria like Salmonella and E.Coli present.With diseases aside, by looking after the pygmy hedgehog, it may be possible to ensure they live a long and healthy life. This would allow Hynee to check the smell of the When we took him to our veterinarian, he was diagnosed with teeth problems and we were told pygmy hedgehogs do tend to have problems with their teeth rotting.It’s
When kept as pets even with exercise, it’s going to be a struggle for them to keep weight off when they’re regularly consuming too much fat.A week later we had a call to confirm our deepest suspicions that it was indeed a tumor, a sarcoma to be exact and it was incurable. THINK Mealworms are OK for African Pygmy Hedgehogs?Certain plants can be toxic to pets including pygmy hedgehogs. daylight ends, as it goes pitch black, signalling that daytime has ended.We put

As the vitamins in quality dry cat biscuits will have been carefully So in the wild, they would not be out in the sunlight so wouldn’t be getting any vitamin D from the sunlight? This is important because sometimes he can soil his water, as he’s moving around, so having an alternate supply of clean water over the days we’re away is vital.Having a heat mat in the sleeping area can minimise the risk of hibernation, as the hedgehog is kept warm continuously while they sleep.Hi I'm Bal together with my daughter Jinnee, we've created this website about African Pygmy Hedgehogs. On many occasions, he’s fallen asleep in her hands.If you When we are away for a few days, we leave two small bowls of water at different ends of the cage to supplement the water in the water tray. best to reach out to a knowledgeable vet who understands hedgehogs and