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Healics is provider owned and operated and has been a leader in the wellness industry providing health assessments, biometric screenings and coaching services for the past 28 years, as well as, clinic services for the past 15 years. There are three ways that an employee can access their employee assistance programme. All employees should be advised about the EAP program and given instructions about how to access these benefits at no cost to them when they need support. Their meditation and mindfulness programs are simple...Every day, through our portfolio of population analytics, advocacy programs, absence benefits, and HR technology and the resources of our UPMC parent- a world renowned health system, we help clients understand the real needs and behaviors of their employees and implement initiatives in which they will fully engage and from which they will truly benefit. All reporting is of a statistical nature only and cannot identify individuals.Employees do not have to seek permission from their employer to access the programme, they can seek help directly by calling  0800 327 669.Our Ethics and Compliance, or Whistleblower, Hotline allows employees or members of the public to voice their concerns about suspected violations of the Company Code with no negative reprisals to themselves.Often referred to as the Whistleblowers Act, the Protected Disclosures Act 2000 came into force on 1 January 2001. Marquee Health provides clients with an outcomes-driven suite of health and wellness services that support the improvement and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle.CuraLinc Healthcare (www.curalinc.com) provides a culturally-relevant suite of behavioral health and wellness services, highlighted by an innovative employee assistance program (EAP), to thousands of employers, associations, unions, health plans and universities. The Privacy Act allows an individual to request access to information about them that is held by EAP Services Limited.From time to time even the best managers may encounter workplace situations that can be uncomfortable to deal with. EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM EAP Assist is Australia's leading Employee Assistance Program provider with immediate confidential counselling support & advice services to all employees working throughout Australia, NZ, USA, Canada, UK & worldwide. For the last decade, Talkspace has led the telebehavioral health care field, supporting the mental health journey of millions through online counseling, behavioral therapy and EAP products.

They make sense for employers who care about the well-being of their employees. HOWEVER, Orriant is very much aware that those things DON’T CREATE -COMPLEX BEHAVIOR CHANGES. They make sense for employees who are struggling with work and family issues. The healthcare company provides managed behavioral health services, an Employee Assistance Program, Student Assistance Program, organizational consulting and health coaching to private and public health plans, Fortune 100 companies, large and medium employers and labor groups. By addressing the needs of your employees, they ...Pacify is reinventing support for new parents. Remember why the EAP was created? Carebridge has achieved a thirty-year track record of success and satisfaction assisting premiere organizations in a wide spectrum of industries nation-wide. Why Do You Need A Comprehensive Employee Assistance Program? When an employee seeks EAP Services with assistance from a co-worker, human resources representative, employee representative, manager or team leader or the health and safety representative. Our programme stands apart from other EAP programmes because we offer a mix of professional and confidential counselling services across NZ and internationally.

Carebridge EAP is a full-service, fully integrated, seamless EAP and Work-Life program. Our strategic well-being solutions are proven to help individuals improve their personal health, well-being and happiness. EAP is here to help employees with any short- or long-term challenges they may face. Lyra's matching technology and innovative digital platform connect members to a curated network of top therapists and coaches, who are guaranteed to be available, resulting in 7x more people receiving care and 80% improving or recovering. We provide practical assistance to employees when personal or work issues arise that may impact on their ability to do their job or affect their wellbeing. We are based in the Chicago area and deliver our services locally, nationally and globally. Mental Health Services. Employee Assistance Program. Our mission is to provide everyone with an easy, affordable, and private a...Employer Sponsored Dental Insurance (Coming Soon)Voluntary Long Term Disability Insurance CompaniesFounded in 1975, Cascade Centers’ mission is to support organizational success and improve quality of lives. We connect people who face life's challenges with over 12,000 licensed, accredited, and board-certified therapists, nationwide. Program information is delivered in a custom baby shower gift with company branded content and gifts for the family.