dodo modem problems

But that may be due to our remote location. 1.First do NOT use the wizard, simply open a browser to the routers IP address (Using Wireless or Ethernet, default is How did you guys set up your wiring connections? I have recently purchased a Netgear AC1200 D6220 Modem Router and it took me way longer than it should to configure DODO's NBN Fixed Wireless to work with it. Not happy in the slightest, and an awful waste of money.The reviewer stated that an incentive was offered for this reviewFor a yr we have had half the speed at 21mbps that we should have 40mbps. I did a bit of research online, read a few articles and then landed on the above article. lolWell, I took the plunge and bought me self an xmas present (blew the budget) and got a: I have recently purchased a Netgear AC1200 D6220 Modem Router and it took me way longer than it should to configure DODO's NBN Fixed Wireless to work with it. Is it something to do with Optus? with the netgear modem router I have not had a single issue since it first connected.

We just updated our speed with DODO it took a while after they said it would be changed, but i rang them and explain the problem and they reset the modem while i waited on the Phone. Of course not all of them online at the same time . Doesn't matter peak or off peak. Not the best of wifi range either.

posted 2017-Dec-12, 3:18 pm AEST *When viewing your usage online, please be advised that there may be delay of up to 2 hours before any recorded usage is available to view. If you would like to check your internet usage, you can log in to my.dodo.Once logged in, click the "view usage" tab*. posted 2017-Dec-12, 6:34 pm AEST

I never contacted Dodo because it sorted itself out.I spoke to the manager who agreed to pay 6months compensation for this which is what I proposed which I think is fair seeing as I was only getting half the speed right..So grateful to have been a Dodo customer for the 2 years, they have been very forward and handle my situation professionally & with ease, I was able to transition to NBN without any problems. Hikvision app would freeze after loading about 20% of a playback.

Our power outlet for the cable connection is smaller than the ethernet cable so I am not sure if I need to go out and buy a rollover cisco console adapter to make it fit to the outlet. The DODO HG659 is the worst modem I've had in past 10 years.Was connected to DODO (FTN) NBN about 2 weeks ago (Nov 30th, 2017) but have found the supplied modem (HG659) to be nothing but daily troubles / problems.It also depends on the RSP, so different RSPs may require slightly different settings.gave it a test run earlier (D7 in router mode) and all work exceptionally well, with no connection issues.
Model: D7800|Nighthawk X4S – AC2600 WiFi VDSL/ADSL Modem Router In the last month I have experienced 6 dropouts for 5 minutes at night but hasn't happened since. Connection process was painless and prompt.

posted 2017-Dec-12, 11:09 pm AEST published 2 years ago. I've spent hours on the phone with DODO 'technical help' trying to resolve this.

posted 2017-Dec-12, 2:29 pm AEST

I had internet drop outs, reboots and massive slowdown at peak usage times. We have called and called time after time to ask that you fix the problem or send a technician out.They are now basing that on usage per month. I have been with DODO for quite a few years now and very satisfied with the service they provide . No biggie they say as they can reconnect us in 5 business days and will not bill is for the 5 days!.. My HG659 works perfectly in bridged mode to a TPLink router.>> Forwarding Ports, Device Renames, DMZ Zones, IP reservations 'ALL' constantly disappear and need re-doing.prior to DODO NBN and the above modem, I was using a TP-LINK D7 for 12 months (ADSL) and had NO problems, all worked great, rarely had to log into the D7 for problems. Line drops out on a weekly basis and end up getting bounced around to 5 different people every time I call with no resolution. posted 2017-Dec-12, 11:09 pm AEST The Huawei modem supplied has very good wireless range.Why does my NBN drop out for 5 minutes at the same time every day?I will be escalating this and contacting the ACCC and the ombudsman. All came together. My family members congratulated me for choosing Dodo.Installation and ready to use as easy as 1, 2 & 3!! posted 2017-Dec-12, 2:29 pm AEST I have had a few issues at the very start but only took a week for the problems to be sorted. from bedroom to the router is only 6-7 meters, but it difficult to get internet. posted 2017-Dec-13, 5:08 pm AEST