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Especially after the rumor mill during Twilight(where he wouldn't shower for days.) This new formula is something else.

Sanja is passionate about fashion and martial arts.OMG...really...???!!!! It is clear, clean, gentle, and woody but also slightly sweet, and wears like a second skin.I don't care for Dior Homme so I've never paid attention to its fortunes, but even I am appalled by this. I’d like to see a Muguet interpreted as a men’s perfume, or maybe a grand retro floral bouquet worthy of a 50’s couture salon with a powdery or slightly dirty layer lurking underneath. Now it’s just a flanker... of a flanker... anyways. Creativity at the house of Dior is dead!

The reason a lot of brands launch flankers (instead of launching new pillar's entirely) is that it costs a lot of money to trademark new names. Dior Homme Cologne 75ml. It's official.

Fragrance.net has been out since Black Friday they must of had good deals haha. Just got a sealed 2015 bottle off eBay for a great price, excited to experience Dior Homme Parfum again. What’s the news with that?The Original Dior Homme was launched in 2005, not in 2011.Such abasic cologne why they don't boost DHP in north America that would sell much better than these snow flakes imo!The new bottle follows the architectural design of its predecessors, with a more prominent logo and perfume name on the plug. Shop for Dior Homme Eau de Toilette. Bij ParfumCenter kunt u heel voordelig een Dior Homme parfum in 100ml flacon kopen! Dior Homme Parfum 2014 Formulation Discontinued Rare .

Thank goodness all of my favorites are very hard to miss in Dior's range.Really? She has joined the team in 2008 to update and maintain encyclopedia information, as well as work on perfume news. If they still need the cash from the basic men's stuff maybe they can give him his own separately branded line but then they'd have essentially 4 categories which is overkill. Verder heeft u ook de keuze uit verpakkingen van 50 en 150ml. Dior Homme parfum 100ml. Time to back up bottle DHP because it's discontinued and price will going crazy!This is just bleu de chanel in a wrong bottle. Since the first iteration back in 2005, that was the most iris-heavy, especially with a strong lipstick vibe which many appreciated, myself included. And maybe he has no interest in fragrance. The face of the advertising campaign remains actor Seriously, judging from the notes, this may be an Office clone.The notes sound kind of wimpy.

Apparently it smells similar to Guerlain Homme without the mojio.I've tried every iteration of Dior Homme since its inception in 2005, with varying degrees of love, appreciation and ambivalence. And then they bought Jean Patou just to steal and ruin their name of Joy. Dior is trash. It does not remind me of Sauvage as some have pointed out. Is it true? I have noticed lately a lot of brands are doing this practice.It must be an upcomming mass-pleasing bomb! In the future they may want to just NUMBER them : Dior Homme 1, Dior Homme 2, Dior Homme 3, Dior Homme 4, etc.

Please read the This flanker-making factory will only make it increasingly confusing for buyers who won't know which version to buy. What are your managers thinking? It looks like the huge waiting for this to happen , since 2005 is well worth it , but let's see...Issey Miyake: We are peerless when it comes to confusing people by releasing flankers which have little to nothing to do with its original namesake.I have seen someone smelled this and called it more of a Sauvage flanker. Just why the confusion Dior?hey, remember Eau Sauvage by Dior? Een vrijgevochten en zelfstandige man. Seriously? Watch; Christian Dior Homme Intense 3.4oz.

Geschikt voor: Mannen, Inhoud: 75 ml, Soort fles: Niet-navulbare fles… Meer. Also DISCONTINUE the whole EDT & EDP : just call it FRAGRANCE & abbreviate it to FRA.

"Dior Homme Cologne is het manifest van een eenvoudige en authentieke luxe. I'm just counting down the days until he botches Fahrenheit, and ready to hang it up for good when he does.Okay this is my take great marketing strategy as people will think the original Dior Homme will be discontinued and will stock up cha - ching! And a pastel-hued archaeological relic of a bottle by Daniel Arsham perhaps! $350.00. Een vlaag van frisheid, tegelijk puur en toch ook vol met katoenachtige geurnoten" François Demachy, Parfumeur-Créateur van Dior. Re: Dior Homme Parfum - Discontinued?

!All those powdery lovers should stock up on old DH cause this is just another office clone. Il flacone di Dior Homme è un vero e proprio oggetto di design cesellato in vetro puro ed esaltato da un fascino di razza e da un’eleganza senza tempo. This also boosts the sales for the pillar and the ranking overall. The 2011 edition will remain on the shelves under the name, Dior Homme Original. They better incorporate Wham into this campaign!

De unieke en onmiddellijk herkenbare geur van een man met karakter en elegantie. And now they do it again, taking the name of a classic and put something unrelated in it and relegate the original to another name at the bottom of the shelf. Of course other companies do it, Guerlain notably.