converge installation process

They installed 6 days later.More posts from the Philippines communityapplied via agent 1st week of april, isp was installed around 3rd week of april, got activated the same dayOne thing I've learned, once you have your line installed, you're on your own. Also, have you had any problems with your connection? Gist: it took 2 months and it's worth it. so when I found out that Converge was available in our area, I signed up right away. The next day after making the payment, Converge’s installation team came despite being a holiday. Being a new player in the internet provider industry, Converge aims to provide unlimited, reliable, high-speed broadband internet at an affordable price point.

Converge FiberX 1500 is the entry-level, home broadband plan from Converge ICT.

Transactions only accepted in the country in which Converge was sold. Convergent Science is headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, and has offices in the United States, Europe, and India and distributors worldwide.Learn more about how CONVERGE helps you quickly and accurately solve your CFD problems. What really got us pissed was when they called last August and only told us then that our area was not serviceable. From initial inquiry to installation and finally to some speed tests, I'll be documenting them all here.

The whole installation process took about 2 hours. Subject: For Installation. The plan is an upgrade from their older 20Mbps/₱1500 a month connection. 8. Get ticket first, remember no ticket no process as Converge ICT ( SOP). If the device is ever lost, broken, or stolen, your customer’s payment information is safe.
Definitely Faster Than DSL

There are 2 parts: the actual modem and the square thing (sorry, I don’t know what it’s called ) The fiber wire connection Some features may require additional fees. I've been collecting updates and updating this post every now and then whenever I hear back from Converge. They just ask the customer to fill out an online form to confirm the payment and upload a payment confirmation. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcutsIf not for Globe's data caps in their internet plans, I wouldn't have switched ISP's.last, kahit na ba mag email ka sa cust svc nila kung may problem ka, gagawin ka lang tanga nung mga sasagot sayo na rep nila kahit na ba marunong ka mag troubleshoot, expect mo na rereplyan ka lang ng generic, copy-pasted email templatessince i was in need of a stable isp for my wfh last april, i also took the risk of paying the dp. However, my family doesn't want to give a huge amount of money for this down payment without any assurance that the internet would be installed. Every payment made on the Converge platform is encrypted at every stage. If so, how long did you wait after paying for the internet to be installed?A subreddit for the Philippines and all things Filipino!Press J to jump to the feed. Format: Send email to: How long did you have to wait for it to be resolved? How to follow up installation tru email.

Note: The installation may take approximately 10 minutes to complete. 7. And with the horrible stories in Converge's comment section in fb, I just dont think we can trust that they would deliver their promise of installation.

We had the same problem with Globe, we applied last June and waited for their installation team to come because they kept sending messages that the team would come, only to have it be rescheduled before the day ends. Select the location for ConvergeConnect and click Install. So my question is, is there anybody here who can attest to the reliability of converge when it comes to its online application process? Converge ICT Solutions Inc. uses cookies to help improve your browsing experience while visiting our website. This webpage describes how to install and run CONVERGE and CONVERGE Studio version 3.0.

By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies.We tried applying for Converge last mid-June, it's already September and we still haven't been installed. Thank you for responding btw.That is horrible. Fastest growing independent fiber network in the country Converge ICT has been providing premium internet connectivity for over 23 years, with Congressional Franchise: RA9707; NTC case no. Is it like those boxes that pldt has on the streets. Not all features available in every country. Users who are already subscribed to the said plan … How to follow up installation tru email For Installation Process - ®️ 1. The ISPs in the Philippines are so problematic SMH.First and foremost, have you verified if the NAP box of Converge is within 300 meters from your home?

We are now on the step where you have to pay for the "down payment" which includes the installation fee. Converge is sold in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.