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Additionally, audio devices that do support more than one paired host device may not properly select the host device you want to use. Get complete details, including how to enable the new meeting experience, in Microsoft's

Save money! Your department or division may have different purchasing rules. at the end. Workspace accessories are not approvable expenses and you'll need to buy them personally. Remember that you'll be responsible for adding and removing students if you choose to create and manage your own teams. Please note that "standard" (that means recommended) headsets are likely to be out of stock at most retailers due to worldwide demand resulting from COVID-19. This is by no means a comprehensive list. If you want your recording saved longer you must download it and upload it elsewhere.

208-459-5011 • 800-2C-IDAHO. You may need to sign in to Microsoft Stream with your YoteNet ID to watch. Need something specific? We don't provide direct links to products for purchase since they change very frequently, but this list can either be taken to your favorite local store or used to check the tech specs on any computer you're considering online or in-person.

Log in to manage your print quotas, see your print history and configure your system. Having trouble? Many faculty like to record their class sessions, and we encourage this for students who can't attend class (especially in a pandemic) or who benefit from being able to see and hear the session again. An extra, larger monitor gives your more room to work or makes it easier to see what you're doing.

Both on-campus and online classes are being held fall semester. Then you're at the right place. Since SDS is a new product on our campus there may be some undiscovered issues. USA. Don't want to use the team or Group we manage? We put together this training video to get you signed in and up to speed. We've had students ask about both of these issues already. Other LMS or meeting applications are not supported by IT This could be earbuds with a built-in mic (like the old-style Samsung and Apple models with a a 1/8" (3.5mm) plug). Stay Close. No matter what style you choose, headsets are designed to put the sound in your ears and the microphone closer to your mouth. A simple way to dramatically increase the quality of your online courses and calls is simply to use dedicated call hardware. The video should have appeared. That's fine, but we recommend (and are only documenting) how to schedule in Teams with a Channel. 8th Gen or newer; more cores help with multitasking and multiple open apps Please contact the helpdesk for assistance. If there is a popular question or something is related to something else on this page we'll try to post it here. Want to schedule your meetings via Outlook? It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 1,077, its setting is suburban, and … Do you need to remember how to find or do something after last spring? This page is a bit different than our others in that we expect it to get pretty long. Microsoft School Data Sync (SDS) is ready and running. Sign in to all of our sites and apps with your YoteNet ID. Instead of trying to make major sections or organize by audience we've opted for a (super) long-form layout.

If you have multiple people using the connection for school and work you may need to upgrade to a faster connection (which will cost more) to ensure everyone can reliably connect. There's a quirk in Teams that may hide the video from you. All of these links open in a new tab. But in general, if you aren't able to consistently get speeds that are at least 5 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload you probably need to upgrade either your plan (which will cost more) or, perhaps, your internet connection equipment (if it's several years old).

However, we do have two exact models that balance price and performance, and several brands that build quality devices if you'd like something else and have a higher budget. Please consult your department head/chair or division VP for additional options. For the best outcomes we prepared this list of specifications to help you choose the right computer.

A YoteNet ID is required to watch content in Stream. You may see an error message in Teams that says "Recording failed to upload to Stream. In particular, we know that Apple products and macOS are popular, but we have applications that only run on Windows.

We're providing this information so that you have it available if you've been contemplating a change. While this is a small extra step it gives you more control over your meeting video and should help reduce confusion about meeting titles, missing permissions, sharing options, and managing your video library. Canvas provides a number of digital tools to enhance your courses. College of Idaho is a private institution that was founded in 1891. We will continue using Instructure Canvas and Microsoft Teams for online course materials, tools, and delivery. Just don't activate the team and your students will never see it, and tell them to ignore the Group. This includes all users at The College of Idaho. Very importantly, using Stream means your video gets closed captions and multiple quality options.

There are no captions for accessibility assistance and it's one single, large file for people to watch regardless of internet connection quality.

Using stream is covered in our

When your courses are added to Teams and Office 365 they do not include any meeting times. All employee laptops include an acceptable built-in camera so buying an external camera is not an approvable expense. We put together a training video that takes you from download and installing Teams, to joining a class, to creating your own meetings. You'll need to buy one personally if you want an upgrade. We do not recommend Android-, chromeOS-, or iOS-based tablets like Chromebooks or iPads for your primary computing device. Swipe to horizontally scroll the table. The College declared online courses on August 4. Groups take no special activations and are already available. "Higher-end" options are more likely to be available but cost more.

No problem. macOS can work, but see the note above before deciding Stay close to home.