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Höchster Marktwert: You were my footballing hero but these comments suckSeems Paddy’s simply doing to City now, what he did for us contract-wise.By taking jobs at clubs coaching instead of managing, and taking on roles in the youth setup there?Isn’t that a different argument to the original one though? When he left in 2005, he said Arsenal didn’t try to retain him hard enough.“Actually, I have asked Jean-Michel Aulas if I can go to Lyon to learn about their youth academy policy. Why not continue to flourish with the youth team?”He’s very detail-oriented – I wouldn’t say micro manager.He burned his bridges good ‘n proper and can go fuck himself with Roy Keane’s fist for all I care.After a glittering career it’s unsurprising that Vieira is being touted as a potential star-coach of the future. Micro-managing? That’s what working for City does to you. Foren Read more. Which is the main reason BvB had their appalling run this season. Yeah the list of clubs interested in Patricks Services must be very long.recently read blogs think ospina is uninspiring, well he inspires me. warrior! There are hundreds of managers who have great qualities and can win with better resources so lets look forLe prof clearly does not care for his apparent lack of intelligence. We work to make someone's day every day by living our values: empathy, kindness, ingenuity, tenacity, thoughtfulness and optimism. The City of Philadelphia has announced an immediate hiring freeze for all non-essential positions. Immobile) did not produce?Okay, that is two Invincible Frenchies talking trash about Arsena;/Arsene. Henry spearheaded our success but the leader on and outside the field : Vieira.Don’t forget that Joe Hart didn’t have dandruff problems while I was manager.George Lewis gets off to excellent start for Arsenal U23sIt remains to be seen whether Arsenal will get in touch with Vieira. Many legends have come and gone without making any impression. Transfers & Gerüchte They may have a lot of youngsters but they don’t have many (if any) crap players and their facilities are a different level. Anyway, they both have a long way to go before they manage at the top level. We have Luhzny from Ukraine!“If an interesting project comes up tomorrow, I will study it carefully while also talking to the people at City, with whom I have a transparent relationship.“It was a disappointment for me, both from the club but also Arsene. And to compare our 1st div with the Spanish 3rd div is a serious over estimation of the Spanish leagues. Certainly not over the next few years, anyway. And like Wenger said when asked about Henri, you need to go out there and take the burden of success/failure on your shoulders.Arsenal U23s lose to Southampton but U18s winWould I mind seeing him at AFC? 4 more wins and we we’ll be second. There are Bergkamp, Campbell, Pires and now Henry. Shouldn’t the Vieiras and Henrys work climb through the coaching ranks just like they did with their playing careers?best player in the world in his position for a decade….those who chose makelele have no clue about football…just a watercarrier…Agreed… Looks like City have been paying him in pies…Arteta: It’s a joy to work with AubameyangCirjan waiting in the wings for his opportunityCan we all stop calling him anything other than an above average coach with a one trick pony that he’s not afraid to flog.All them superstar under 21’s coming through the system at sheikh city. !“I will soon talk to my bosses. More like our 2nd maybe even conference.Sign him up for sure.