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They'll be able to use his stand mode links, as well as his projectile super to effectively take out and punish almost anything required. As a rule of thumb, always block low in case he's going for 663c, and quickly switch to high blocking the moment you see him lifting off the ground if he goes for 66c. 5B/66B xx 214s [5C(2 hits) xx 236A/B/C>236A/B/C, 6A>5B>5C(2 hits)>5A] 5A xx 236S SC!

The first hit must touch the opponent (can be blocked) or you won't be able to perform the full string. Whiffs against shorter or crouching characters.

His supers are great for zoning. Iggy has the raging demon in both motion, damage, animation, and number of hits.

Jab games are effective, because her defensive options are lacking and she has a weak guard cancel.

Since your air momentum transfers over from stand off to stand on, you can hyper hop in stand off and go into s.8C mid air, it's a reliable hitconfirm that leads into every of his main combo strings stated in the Combo Section. Use it to combo into the Custom Combo or s.236+AA super.

If you end up getting hit you need to hit Hoingo to cancel the super entirely. 236A, 5A>5B>5C(2 hits) xx 236B>236A/B/C>236CThat being said, if used smartly it can be a very dangerous tool against your opponent, as well as being able to almost shut down some of the cast and tip the matchup heavily in your favour if you counter one of their essential moves, such as DIO's 2a or Rubber Soul's j.a.In the ground, you’ll want to be careful with his 2a. This jump does not lead into immediate pressure in the same way his hyper hop does, but it covers a vast amount of distance.

GC, s+5B xx 214S [236A, 5A>5B>5C(1 hit)>5B] (as they land) 5B xx 236S SC!

Chaka is one of the wielders of the Stand of sword, Anubis.He was a caravan escort who discovered Anubis and was possessed by it.

It can additionally sometimes work as an anti-air option against hyper hops if performed as close to the ground as possible, although it's less practical than his other options. This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll As Chaka, this is one of the main things you’ll want to condition the Hol to do. Works best if you only hit your opponent 4 times before the launcher.

Almost anything khan does on block is punishable, and almost every single time your best move to punish him will be s.5b, but be especially ready for the charge slash ([4]6a/b), the forward sweep ([4]6c) as well as his dp.

You'll see a lot of his 236+A punch specials, as well as some of his teleport and 214+A punches. While Chaka might seem like a very rushdown character at first, he doesn't quite play like one. He was played by child actor Philip Paley. This can work well to quickly evade the hit and punish him, but don't abuse it since if you're too far he can just throw another one and pseudo lock you into blockstun; the other alternative is super jumping the moment you see the startup (or the audio queue of him yelling) so that you can quickly close the gap (remember, chaka's super jump has astounding horizontal reach as well) and hit him with a s.j.c. It's quite unreliable since it whiffs against most if not all crouching characters, but results in high damage. Newer Mariah players will have difficulty zoning and rushing down effectively.

As far as avoiding his attacks go, a good hoingo will try to force you to block so that he can hit you with his command grab super, the only things you can do to prevent that is either pushblocking the initial attack fast enough so he gets put just outside of his grab range (with the exception of s bullet, glass or 4C, which all set up for 270 and can’t be pushblocked) or, again, trying to punish his attempts with s.236+AA.s.6A(must connect)>5B>5C - A chain combo starting from a head level swipe. As all Custom Combo supers in this game, the startup and recovery of your normals while performing this attack is much better, meaning you can chain up some delicious combos from it, although, the damage scaling makes it harder to score any real damage.

Quick but doesn't cover much range. Finally, Hoingo doesn't have any real attack that does a lot of stand gauge chip damage, outside of his glass which is highly punishable. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property.Please stand by, while we are checking your browser...If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware.If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices.Please complete the security check to access Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass.

You will most likely see a lot of random stand on cars and projectiles.

It has high priority as well due to how disjointed the hitbox is, so if timed appropriately it can beat out a lot of options. 1st appearance: Black … Chaka was rather young and not the Alpha Male in his tribe of Unas, and was forced to prove his maturity to the others of his tribe before being accepted by them. A good strategy is to perform a hyper hop while in Stand Off, then turn your Stand On midair before attacking.

Can be chained up to 2 times.To win in this match is rather easy; use jumping C to take down Mariah and stop her air cutlery, use 236+S to cut the power lines before they move. Chaka the Jackal is one of two head guards in the Alabasta kingdom who serves under Igaram, alongside Pell. Versus Petshop, you want to stay so close that Petshop doesn't have time to breathe.

s.5C can be canceled after the second hit into s.236+A rekka (only the A variant works for the first hit) or s.236+AA super. They'll probably know how to use the aforementioned tandem mix-ups, and they'll most certainly know how to use the ankh gimmicks. GC, s+5B xx 214S [5C(2 hits) xx 236A/B/C>236A/B/C>236A] SC! Chaka is a Weapon Stand character, focused on close range combat. You want to be inside your offensive poke range, never giving Shadow Dio enough space to use his projectiles or counter safely. Enter the URL for the tweet you want to embed.© 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved.