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Honestly I wouldn't have liked if my richer sibling would have tried to spent money on my problems , until unless I'd ask for it . 16 September DYNAMITE at America’s Got Talent (US Time) 18 September I-Land With BTS and TXT,Max Feat Suga “Bluberry Eyes” (Released), iHeart Radio Music Festival 2020 (US Time) 24 September Grammy Museum Online Live Streaming,KACF Annual Gala.

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We'll never really understand it, it's their culture. If he found workable solution for his brother it could possibly be applied to other owners. 7:45 (Arabic Sub) Theory Thursday : memories ? Doing everything like everyone else.

We should think from his brother's point of view as well.

He wants ARMY to help his own brother out, what a cheapskate!!!

Two of the cafes will located in Tokyo (Omotesando and Shinjuku) and the third will be located in Osaka.TXT’s Reactions To Their “I-LAND” Friend Finally Making His Debut Are PricelessThese drinks include RJ (coconut milk), Chimmy (mango soda), Cooky (strawberry milk), Tata (berry soda), Koya (blue curaçao calpis soda), Shooky (milk tea with chocolate cookie), and Mang (butterfly pea).Stray Kids Bang Chan Tears Up When Revealing Why Felix Is So Precious To HimBTS’s V Got So Caught Up In A Rant On “I-LAND”, RM Had To Snatch His Mic Away

If you just pump money into a business which isn't doing great, you will be just wasting away investment.

He wants to be self dependent. But giving money directly can also look offending. There's no need for Jin to get involved just yet. The point is to go eat at the restaurant. Exactly it's their family matter why we need to get deep into it. Why can't Jin give him the money to save the restaurant, he's rich. Also Restaurant needs customers too not just money. Community See All. You don't know the situation so why are you judging him. If any of the ARMY'S who are residing in Seoul could him by visiting his restaurant or by just getting it delivered that's pretty simple. People who are saying “oh jins rich why can’t he give money to his brother” shut the heck up don’t be stupid and assume crap because we all ARMY know how kind jin is and ofc most likely offered money but his brother denied i know if it was me and my sister i would not let her give me a large sum of money. Honey south korean taxes is pretty ugly Sushant Singh Rajput’s case: ED to file fresh charges on Rhea

It might be because His Elder brother wants to be self reliant.

You can't just randomly give money, untill the other person asks for it.

The Osaka pre-lottery can be entered from June 29 to July 3.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: &gather cafe. He wouldn't take money from him bcoz he is older than him.

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Exactly...Jin is a millionaire...why can't he give atleast some money to his brother if he is really showing affection
Also Jin can give him money only when his brother asks. Just my personal opinion. Vikrant Massey on sci-fi film Cargo, apprehensions, his journey on showbiz, box office numbersIn the SOOP BTS ver.

Vanessa us Koreans are very self dependent, and I know if I was him I won't ask for help when it comes to moneyfrom my younger brother.

Yes ,I was thinking the same. Due to popularity the Umeda and Shibuya locations in Osaka and Tokyo were added. Dango News is not affiliated with or sponsored by this café. As everyone is affected by this pandemic so is BTS.

This is the BTS Japan Fancafe!

Good mentality he is trying to solve his own problems with his own hands. I know that they're billionares but maybe the money we see from them is the money of the company. Grow up.

They had a whole tour planned and later cancelled which they ultimately could’ve lost millions of dollars, due to the pandemic. U can't save a failing restaurant with just money.
2,942 people like this. Instead of just judging someone and being dumb it would be better if you try to understand their situation.

I agree with you 10000%!!!!! Thank you for thisSurely, Jin has unlocked another great achievement of his own by co-owning a restaurant and being its director, but more than that opening this restaurant seem to be one step closer to his fans!Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window)[Travel] Run BTS! It's great that his brother do not want Jin's help when jin is literally a million are. So I think I can understand to some degree what a lot of people are going through because of COVID-19.," via Soompi.

I'm pretty sure that he can do that and wants to. Thank you for your appreciation of them.

This collaboration will be held at 6 location(s) around Japan. They often donate to charity, tho. Now is "the company doesn't let them spend a lot of money!" Guests that order beverages will receive an original coaster with their drink.File sets, neck straps, face towels, plastic fans, and mirrors can also be purchased.Introducing The Seven Members Of I-LAND’s Boy Group “ENHYPEN”BT21’s popup cafes will open in late July and close in early September.

Dint he say, he tried to find out ways to help him. Even seokjin would love it You shut the heck up