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It means that if the power goes down, I don't!”With much gear fondling and drooling to be had, we chatted to backline crew chief Mike Rew, David Bryan's keyboard tech Bill St Amor, and Kurt Kassinoff, guitar tech to Jon Bon Jovi and longtime touring rhythm guitarist Bobby Bandiera. You will receive a verification email shortly.Bill breaks down the individual parts of the sampler unit“I check all of the equipment that I use to make sure it's working: my recording consoles and laptop. Premier Guitar, Hobbies, Music, en

There are two skill teams (about 30 people in each team) who build the actual structure, then there's one universal team of about 65 people.
The only thing that hasn't changed is the core of the sound producing equipment.
... From his gear choices to his playing style, here’s why SRV remains one of the guitar’s true icons. Strong points of the show included a cover of Micheal Jackson’s ‘Black or White’, various Bon Jovi songs including ‘Bad Medicine’, and a cover of Stevie Ray Vaughn’s ‘Pride and Joy’. There's four local hands that help me unload the truck each show, and around another 20 helping to push the stuff half way around the world to get to the stage.”10 questions you need to ask yourself before you set up a home studioBristol's Ashton Gate stadium, shortly before thousands of screaming Bon Jovi fans flood onto the pitchThe 25 best VST/AU plugin synths in the world right now: all the best soft synths you need in your DAW“Jon's main head is a JVM 50-watt Marshall, and he also runs a wireless rack. Any other piano we've tried with him he hasn't liked, so we have two of these pianos for him – he has one at home and one on the road. Phil X with bon Jovi (video) Guitars, Gear, Tone! EarthQuaker Devices Afterneath V3: The Premier Guitar Review2.

When I got it I had to go through the manual, learn how to program it, then strap it on David to see what he thought of it. It's kind of like an expression pedal for him.“Underneath the Wavestation we have two Akai S6000 samplers (again, one is a back-up) and they hold our custom sounds.Below that, we have a spare piano that we never use!“We have a couple of digital audio interfaces in this unit that we don't use. Richie Sambora is a rock guitarist, singer and songwriter who is the lead guitarist of the rock band Bon Jovi. Black Volt Amplification Hawk Demo - PG Gear Spotlight The guitar had seymour duncan picks. Bon Jovi - Richie Sambora's Guitar Gear Rig and Equipment.

The whole vibe of the band is different. In the event that something isn't working, having them boosted to me means I can get on top of the situation right away.“I've got two Mac laptops back here in my tech area that are used for live patching, so any editing that I may need to do on the fly (which isn't very often because the core of the show is programmed in), is all driven from these two Mac's.“It costs around $7500. Buyer's Guides.

Revv D20 Demo - PG Gear SpotlightOn Bass: Deconstructing a Perfect Bass Line1.

I really enjoy working with these guys. All guitar parts were recorded by me.

The exuberant Bon Jovi lead guitarist goes back to the '70s when Page blew off his doors with slinky, nuanced playing and then performs a chunk of the song with bassist Daniel Spree and drummer Brian Tichy.You watched, we listened!

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