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Best Mobile and Home Wireless Broadband Providers For those willing to ignore this company's politics, the service may or may not be adequate.Your trust is our top concern. Sign in to your Belong account using your email address and password 2. If you go over your data allowance, your service will be slowed to 256kbps for the remainder of your billing month. Now she gets 4 bars outside.

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Press & Media What happens if I want to cancel my Belong NBN plan?

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It's been 5 days. To show that CO2 is out there, we had to show what it would be like if it was something you co...We've been with Belong for just under 2 years and can't fault the connection quality.Belong have been very supportive over the past few years. We've requested our account to be ca...ues also. From the dashboard, navigate to Technical Support 3. Check your belong internet performance.

Sign me up to the WhistleOut weekly newsletter!If you want to cancel your Belong NBN plan and have signed a 12-month contract, you will be charged an early termination fee. Never experienced with belong.We'll always do our best to be there for our customers, Julia -- Day and night! Mobile Plans in NT Would not recommend any one using this provider, better internet service in 3rd world countries with no electricity.I am not a customer nor I ever will be since this company is very into their identity politics.

This will be deleted. Contacts We'd love to follow up and get everything straightened out for you.Belong has no customer service. We'd love to see what's going on and will need to know more about what plan you're on.I experienced drop outs from the very first day. Simply select the Available in selected areas.

is on deck every day from 7 AM to 10 PM and we're always willing to roll up our sleeves to get to the bottom of things as quickly as we can. Highest Speed -Lizziewas having issues with internet speed, shot a tweet off after normal business hours expecting a response next day. Only to be told by belong to go complain else where?

Just over all bad service. Belong is a small broadband provider wholly owned by Telstra, However, in contrast to Telstra’s often complete internet plan range, Belong is taking the opposite approach, offering a reasonably simple, easy-to-understand selection of plan options on NBN connections. You may have seen it as 'dry ice'. We'd love to take a closer look into this for you so if you haven't already, please flick us a message here: Slow speeds are no joke, Rhys :( We understand that a reliable connection is more important now than ever, so we want to make sure that you're getting the best speeds possible! Since we don't offer our Premium plan on a contract, we'd never penalise you for wanting to upgrade! Your Belong modem comes with Wi-Fi capability allowing you to connect multiple devices to the internet at once with a secure password. It's been more than 18 days and no correspondence.It's hard to hear that we've not been there when you needed us, Kirk -- That's really not the Belong experience we're looking to provide!