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Massive shifts in mobility are underway, and parking sits at the intersection of them all. Each one has a different use case and target user, so care should be taken to ensure the right grant flow method is used for the right situation. Locales can be used to retrieve translated content in our system.If sent in this will add the license plate of the vehicle that corresponds to the vehicle_id.Error correction level to use for QR codesA known and existing vehicle can be attached to the booking by specifying a Allows the owner of a booking to share access to that booking with another person (the recipient).Retrieve a list of events at a specific venue.Display name of the hub, ex: "Chicago Loop".Whether or not to return up to 3 suggested new parking times. BT token of previously saved payment methodThe maximum number of bookings that can be made by any single account for this pricingAn Arrive-authorized client application can request a token for a user by posting to It is required to use an authorization header when hitting the quotes endpoints. Restrictions must be appropriately handled by the consumer to complete a purchase.,-87.630976&start_time=2015-11-22T16:35:28-06:00&end_time=2015-11-22T19:35:44-06:00&returns=offstreet_bookable offstreet_non_bookableRetrieve vehicle associated with this bookingPreview parameters should be provided in the POST body.Scopes provide an additional level of control to restrict access to specific resources for access tokens. Enter easily with your mobile parking pass. ""The coupon code being applied to this previewThis will supply a relevant error code and error message (e.g. There is more information about the Generating A Token with Client CredentialsA human readable message describing why the booking can or cannot be cancelledThere are no valid fields in your request.which will sort by name in descending order, followed by distance in ascending order.In order to receive data back for a booking or booking hold, you must supply one of the following:Whether or not you would like ParkWhiz to send an email confirmation to the customerView Booking Details Without Authenticating as the User (parking pass)The latest time that can be requested for this quote at the quoted prices.
'13:00' for 1pm, or '00:00' for midnight.No Cancellation: Parking package bookings cannot be canceledIf you are giving the API more than a cursory glance, consider using Client Credentials OAuth Token instead.The number of pages in the result set when using the given per page limitHowever, a booking can only be shared with one person at a time. Passes marked as such are subject to restrictions.For example, a garage that is always open might have this record for its operating hours:To get the count of the number of objects returned from an api call, use Remove the specified vehicle from the account.ParkWhiz event ID for the event associated with the pricing the booking was purchased underGenerating a token via client credentials is not recommended for all circumstances. Arrive’s fully integrated platform helps companies and brands easily offer parking and other mobility-related services to drivers, fleets and connected vehicles. This is most appropriate for requests not associated with user data like Last name of the customer that the quote is being purchased forA list of license plates, limiting bookings to those with the following license plates e.g. It is a straight line, as the crow flies. A list of the items that come with or are covered by this add-on (e.g. Returns are additive to the result set and their order does not matter. top faqs. "Your validation method is your scan code. Either "available", "limited", or "unavailable.

As an Alexa Fund portfolio company, Arrive is on the cutting edge of voice and is building innovative solutions for the in-car experience for it’s partners and consumer brand ParkWhiz. For On Demand, the status will always be This endpoint allows a user who's shared a booking they've purchased with another person to cancel that share, and regain control of their booking.

"Get your car washed while you are parked. This will only show if the quote is for event pricing.Whether or not the booking can be cancelled at the time of the API requestWe have not yet classified the type of this locationParkWhiz ID of the amenity set that comes with this bookingQuote and preview the result of modifying the time of an existing booking.Date Time objects in API responses will be formatted like the following: 'HH:MM', e.g. If they request a scope that is not granted to them, they will receive an error message.ParkWhiz payment method ID. If you want to ensure no embedded resources are included in the response, you may set The PW id for the enterprise account that the credit care belongs to.,-87.630976&start_time=2015-11-22T16:35:28-06:00&end_time=2015-11-22T19:35:44-06:00&returns=offstreet_bookable_mobileA set of supported gate technologies as stringsReset an account's password using the token from their password reset email.Get your account info. With ParkWhiz as your tool, you may discover a garage that you never knew existed one block further from your normal car-park for a fraction of the price. Descriptive keyword for an Organization (e.g. Sellers are members of and manage parking locations.One-time use Braintree payment nonce generated by the clientCoupon code to apply against the purchaseAvailable sortable params are documented per endpoint.