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George Soros’s son, Alexander Soros, tweeted the following in response to Biden’s announcement that he would be running with Harris: Congratulations to our future Vice President @KamalaHarris!

But they won’t stop us.” In his article, he shared his opinions that, “Mass protests being blamed on Jews is textbook white supremacy.”On social media sites suggestions were raised that Harris was the VP pick of George Soros and the Democratic Party, and that having California Senator, Harris as a running mate was not Biden’s choice.Soros also recognized Rep. Ilhan Omar’s win of her primary. This time, it resurfaced after emails were shared on social media indicating that Maya Harris, Kamala's sister, had apparently been invited to a pizza party in honour of Mrs Clinton.therefore, she is eligible to serve as president or vice-presidentAs we've shown already, this is not correct.AP's coverage of Ms Harris's entry into the Senate in 2016This is inaccurate because Ms Harris has been explicit about her dual heritage. Read about our approach to external linking.However, Ms Harris was born in the United States, to a Jamaican father and Indian mother, in Oakland, California.

Harris was elected as U.S. District Attorney of San Francisco in 2003. Kamala Harris’ streak of saying the quiet part out loud continued Monday when she mistakenly referred to the Democratic presidential ticket as the “Soros/Harris administration”. # #

According to the Washington Post: "Harris grew up embracing her Indian culture, but living a proudly African-American life. Echoing unfounded claims he made about President Barack Obama's birthplace, known as "birther" theories, President Donald Trump has referenced the conspiracy theory that Ms Harris is ineligible to serve as vice-president.Conspiracy theories and false claims about Kamala Harris have spread online since she was appointed as the Democratic Party's vice-presidential nominee by its presidential candidate, Joe Biden.Facebook and Twitter accounts promoting the QAnon conspiracy spread these rumours, and, a New York Times analysis found what they described as a falsehood had reached more than 600,000 people on Facebook the day after Kamala Harris was nominated. Her slip up came while speaking in a completely empty Marriott conference room.

The Democratic vice-presidential nominee has been subjected to lots of false claims on social media. Alex tweeted yesterday - no, this is not an old picture, people!

Alexander Soros with Kamala Harris! UNITED STATES−On August 11, Alexander Soros, son of multi-millionaire, philanthropist, and founder of Open Society, George Soros, 90, endorsed Kamala Harris on Twitter for being chosen as the Democratic VP pick for the Democratic Presidential nominee, Joe Biden.Alexander, in a recent NBC op-ed, THINK wrote, “My father, George Soros, is white supremacist’s favorite target. Just to recap, during the 2016 presidential election thousands of people were convinced - with no evidence - that a paedophile ring organised by Hillary Clinton and senior members of the Democratic Party was being run from the basement of a pizza restaurant in Washington DC. #VPPick #BidenHarris2020” 4.

What do black voters make of historic VP pickTwitter cracks down on QAnon conspiracy theoristsHis son posted a message on Twitter congratulating Ms Harris, which has been shared by right-wing accounts, but that in no way indicates that Mr Soros had anything to do with the selection of Ms Harris.These are external links and will open in a new windowFurther claims about Ms Harris's heritage have emerged on right-leaning social media accounts. Soros wrote “Congratulations to our future Vice President @KamalaHarris!” The son of the billionaire magnate added “History in the making! There is not a shred of evidence to support the bogus conspiracy theory, but people on the far right continue to associate public figures with it. Finally, the decision to appoint Ms Harris has also attracted baseless theories concerning George Soros, the Hungarian billionaire philanthropist.

"She knew that her adopted homeland would see Maya [her sister] and me as black girls, and she was determined to make sure we would grow into confident, proud black women.

"They have also been pushed on social media by supporters of A meme shared thousands of times on Facebook suggests that he gave the order to nominate Ms Harris, with an old photo of Mr Biden with President Obama. — Alexander Soros, PhD (@AlexanderSoros) August 11, 2020 But one thing happened yesterday within hours of the choice that hasn’t gotten a lot of press yet, but set liberals teeth on edge. Among them is an accusation that until accepting the vice-presidential nomination, she had not identified as a black American woman.

Kamala Harris is Soros' puppet leading the USA to be a socialist country! Who is Alexander Soros - George Soros' son. She was elected as Attorney General in of California 2010 and reelected in 2014. “Mr Soros has enlisted former president Obama to teach senator Harris how to be silky smooth in her rhetoric and delivery.” “Kamala has a strong background in law and is of mixed race and pretends to identify as African American, just like Obama does,” cited Justin Simpson, SFI historian. Soros wrote “Congratulations to our future Vice President @KamalaHarris!” The son of the billionaire magnate added “History in the making! Wikileaks just linked all the information they had in their system on … It suggests the media only started to describe Ms Harris as a black woman after she was appointed Joe Biden's running mate - or that Ms Harris had only identified herself by her Indian roots until now. Claim: Alexander Soros said he made the ultimate decision to pick U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., as 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden's running mate. That now includes Biden’s VP pick Kamala Harris. "She wrote in her autobiography: "My mother understood very well that she was raising two black daughters.We've looked at some of the most widely-shared examples.