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Aeolus tyres are designed with 3D simulation techniques, both experimental and numerical, which shorten the R&D timeframe, focusing only on the most promising technical solutions. ADR05. It produces approximately 5.5 million tyres globally each year, making it one of the top 20 tyre makers in the world.

Aeolus is a global value leader, offering the best of both worlds: high quality TYREs with an unbeatable price tag. Available in 2 sizes

But as with any product, sometimes dealers and truckers need to file a warranty claim. About Us. Low deformation reduces rolling resistance and fuel consumption; Special profile for more even wear and improved mileage; Superb braking performance due to an optimised rubber compound Aeolus is globally in more than 150 countries, that represent more than 90% of the total TBR/OTR market potential. In 2012 and 2013, for two consecutive years, the Company is awarded as the only lean six sigma advanced enterprise in the China tyre industry by the China Quality Association. Warranty Wizard app from the Alliance Tire Group (ATG)—the sole U.S. distributors of Aeolus truck tires—makes warranty claims fast and easy. At Aeolus, investment in technology and high performance go together.

67 talking about this. Available in 9 sizes The Sailor Series is meant for medium and long haul uses with a vocation in Mileage.An outstanding collaboration between Pirelli and Aeolus brought to us a product series which we are most proud of, the NEO Series.A Series is a timeless line of products, with possibly the widest range on land.The HN Series is our bread and butter. The whole circuit starts from Geermu to Lhasa, with a total of 1200km, and an average elevation above 4000m. Available in 5 sizes Our Aeolus tyres -ASR05, ASR06, Fuel S+ - were mounted on the Dongfeng Tianlong trucks that attended this race. Available in 4 sizes During the first week of August, we had the pleasure to be present at the Tønsberg Båtrace with UIM F2 European champion, Edgaras Riabko, who reached 176.00 Kph speed! Delivering to you the best tyres of hard workers, for hard workers, by hard workers. AEOLUS tyres are known worldwide and are trusted by millions of users. Aeolus tyres were decisive to achieve these outstanding results.Let’s w...We know how hard you work day and night.

Freedom Tyres provides the complete tyre solution! With its exceptional robustness, it is the right choice for those end-users who seek endurance and mileage in difficult conditions and at the same time look after their budget.The HD Series is the giant of Heavy-Duty. 2. Partnership. Partnership with the global value leader. About Aeolus Car Tyres. 1. our values. Aeolus radial truck tires are built for quality and backed by a 50% free-replacement, 2-retread warranty.

Servicing all tyre segments from Passenger, 4WD, Light Commercials, Truck and Bus tyres, through to tyres for earthmoving equipment, Freedom Tyres prides itself on its range and the quality of the tyres we distribute. We have the best machinery with advanced technologies, raw materials, and the most sophisticated manufacturing processes to deliver you the finest and most performing tyres.In 1965, Aeolus was founded in the city of Jiaozuo (Henan Province), as a factory specialized in manufacturing OTR tyres. Available in 3 sizes Find out how the most advanced technology, the dedication in selecting the best raw materials, and the application of the most sophisticated manufacturing processes deliver to you the finest and most performing Aeolus tyres. Select your country and discover the Aeolus World. The 1st and 2nd ranked were mounting Aeolus tyres and so 5 out of the top 10. We are one of the top 20 tire manufacturers in the world. More Details. Aeolus is the only option for people wanting the perfect balance between quality, performance and price. A company that already in the early 2000s, experienced accelerated growth reaching more than 150 countries around the globe and being listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.The law regulations set that, and the market also asks for it: companies must commit themselves to reduce their carbon footprint more and more, in particular as regards freight transport. KELUCK TYRE is located in Qingdao City, Shandong Province, Established in 2006, Keluck Tyre Co., Ltd is a professional enterprise in manufacturing and marketing all kinds of Chinese tyres. And that's why we work tirelessly too, to deliver to you the very best of our hard work, done with dedication and sacrifice to honor you, hard worker of the toughest job.


At the early stage of development, 3D simulation allows the prediction of the tyre performance under several conditions.

Discover how the most passionate, creative, and high-performing people of technology, innovation, and industrial development fields have come together to make the difference.

Company Overview: Aeolus is one of the highly acclaimed brands that manufacture tyres for all kinds of automotives. AEOLUS TYRE CO., LTD. manufactures top class tyres for TBR / OTR / ROTR / PCR. Thanks to decades of experience, Aeolus develops and produces high quality tyres in accordance with the strictest norms. If you are interested in Aeolus tyre, please contact us now.

More Details. Aeolus is a global value leader, offering the best of both worlds: high quality TYREs with an unbeatable price tag. It's a simple formula: buy low, sell high. Aeolus tyres around the Globe. AEOLUS tyres are known worldwide and are trusted by millions of users. 2.

1. our values. It was founded in the year 1965 in Jiaozuo, a city in China. It is the first tyre producer in the world achieving 100% green manufacturing (2011).

Available in 6 sizes More than 40 trucks attended the Heavy-duty Truck race from Geermu (Qinghai) to Lhasa, (Xizang) in China, for 1.200km and above 4.000m of elevation.

Discover our Tyres from the inside-out. Aeolus is active with several eco-sustainable programs. Are you looking for the closest dealer to you?