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Any henchman who questioned the manner of 24's death risked his life in 21's presence.

The team grabs onto Impossible's elastic body and plummet to the street below, through a sidewalk grate, and into a subway tunnel where a train narrowly misses them as Impossible's body retracts. This is a for profit website run by fans and all materials on this site are for entertainment purposes only. Venture wonders aloud in bemusement and some confusion "Should we help him?" After several months, he was much stronger and returned to his henching career and reformed them into a deadly force. As the group plummets into the tunnel again, Brock ties Impossible's foot to the back of the departing train. Richard is stretched to his limits until the train's door handle snaps off and springs back up through the window, knocking him out cold.

This hostility continued as in From the Ladle to the Grave: The Shallow Gravy StoryIn the fourth season, 21 has undergone an intense training regimen to allow him to safeguard the lives of his fellow henchmen.

Gary quickly turns the Monarch's men into a professional group of killers and becomes something of a commander to them, even capable of demoting the others and ordering them around. From $18.40.

337. The Grand Inquisitor is an alien visitor who came to Earth from a distant star to pass judgment on the planet.

They split into three teams: Brock and Thaddeus take the X-1, J.J. and the captain on the X-2, and The completed device lands heavily on the sidewalk just as Brock's watch chimes midnight. It introduces itself as "In a series of quick, inter-cut scenes, the three teams hunt for the components:

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Gary views this as a new opportunity to live his new dream of being a "good guy" and takes up the mantle of S.P.H.I.N.X. But upon learning from Dunwitch Asylum for the Criminally ObsessiveIn the finale of season 3, the two sneak into the Monarch Mobile to hide from the ensuing chaos around them. For a while, the two thought they were invincible as they had survived so many missions no matter how dangerous and emerged without a scratch. 1 History 1.1 Life Prior to becoming a Henchman 1.2 Earning his Wings 1.3 Life as a Henchman 1.4 General 21 / Two-Ton 21 1.5 … Venture Fans Wikipedia Writers And Editors Fans Community Menu. Their conversations were frequently about the search for 24's killer and seeped into 21's daily life, sometimes even during conversations with The Monarch and/or In Season 6, Gary and The Monarch are shown spending most of their time fixing up The Monarch's old house as well as trying to figure out a way to arch Dr. Venture without breaking Guild law. Marc Daniel Patrick Recommended for you $19.90. He took a sabbatical from his henching and returned to his former life, but soon grew tired of it. There’s even a two-episode joke about the … Christopher McCulloch. The Grand Galactic Inquisitor hears all! In the episode Gary asks Brock if he can join the O.S.I., and when Brock turns him down he asks "What about S.P.H.I.N.X.?" Musical Theatre Coach Reacts (Jonathan Groff "You'll Be Back": Hamilton -An American Musical) - Duration: 15:23. Though he was originally just a henchman his service to The Monarch has become more of a friendship. He began training using a fat kid as a weight set. The series chronicles the lives and adventures of the Venture … He takes great pride in his work and is willing to follow his leader into all kinds of insane schemes no matter how deranged.

In seasons 1-3, both 21 and 24 were known as The Monarch's best men, much to his displeasure. Hunter Gathers later destroys the S.P.H.I.N.X. After he accidentally kills After 24's death, for most of season 4, 21 served as The Monarch's right hand man, until he quits in 21 and Hatred developed a brief friendship when they attempted to infiltrate the Monarch's cocoon. He also got a tattoo across his abdomen reading "Hench 4 Life." They both fear and respect him, with the henchmen calling him During Season 4, however, 21 started to have serious doubts about how his life had ultimately turned out and ultimately left his Monarchs service. Professor Impossible explains that he discovered the component years ago, and states that Thaddeus is unfit to activate it after his "years of Wikiquote has a collection of quotations related to: A taxi arrives holding the Grand Galactic Inquisitor and Rocket Impossible.