The Far Field

[E]legant, calm prose and intense evocations of people and places .

Coronavirus Twin Cities ICU beds filling up as COVID-19 cases, deaths rise When life in the village turns volatile and old hatreds threaten to erupt into violence, Shalini finds herself forced to make a series of choices that could hold dangerous repercussions for the very people she has come to love.“History, class prejudice, Indian politics, grief, guilt and the limits of compassion intertwine in this enthralling debut.” “What makes this compelling book so page-turning is not the larger political situation but the drama of small, fraught human interactions . . How dangerous this novel is, in the very best of ways, and how grateful I am for this writer and for her creation.” “Consuming . To order a copy go to or call 0330 333 6846. Shalini’s misguided attempts at love, fulfillment, and friendship are poignant. Madhuri Vijay has written a brilliant and important book.” “[R]emarkable .

Vijay writes with an assurance surprising in a first-time novelist, and is a delight to read.
. . You have reached your limit for free articles this month. . It’s a lot to ask of a novel, but Vijay knows exactly what she’s doing.

The Far Field opens with an epigraph from a Wisława Szymborska poem, "Some People." .

. Vijay’s prose is exquisite, florid and descriptive at times, spare and pared back at others. The Far Field, Future Islands’ fifth album, skews towards the former. . . . The show-stealer is Shalini’s mercurial mother, an ‘outrageous queen’ of capricious gestures. Vijay is an effortlessly assured prose writer . . . . The Far Field chafes against the useless pity of outsiders and instead encourages a much more difficult solution: cross-cultural empathy.” – PARIS REVIEW “The Far Field is a book about big ideas . Congrats, Madhuri Vijay, on your first book!Our site works best with the latest versions of these web browsers. . The Far Field By: Madhuri Vijay. . “Utterly immersive and vividly realized, “Vijay is an astute chronicler of the everyday emotions that roil seemingly calm lives, whether in Bengaluru or in Kashmir. . The Far Field does both." captures Kashmir’s everyday horror with exhilarating, puissant prose . Dense, layered, impossible to pin—or put—down, her first novel is an engrossing tale of love and grief, politics and morality.

Vijay’s descriptions of the mountains, the people and their everyday lives are beautiful, and that makes the hidden ugliness all the more disturbing; this is a seriously impressive debut.” “Vijay probes grand themes—tribalism, despotism, betrayal, death, resurrection—in exquisite but unflowery prose, and with sincere sentiment but little sentimentality . It will be fascinating to see what Vijay does next.” “A courageous, insightful and affecting debut novel.” “In Madhuri Vijay’s exquisite debut novel, “A masterful piece of fiction. "The Far Field" maintains the Future Excellent follow up to their brilliant "Singles" album and works well as a companion piece to that album. . More from Star Tribune.

Some BOTM features may not work on older or outdated browsers.This is an early release that's only available to our members—the rest of the world has to wait 'til next month to read it.You know that feeling when a book is so good you forget you have a body that needs to eat, sleep, and move around? One of Vijay’s gifts is that she can make us feel for a protagonist who knows so little, yet yearns so deeply for something beyond her cushioned life . Madhuri Vijay’s debut novel was published at a time of great political turmoil in … Although the E- and H- fields still die off as 1/R, the power density dies off as 1/R^2. The Far Field is the fifth studio album by American synthpop band Future Islands, released on April 7, 2017 through 4AD. For ‘The Far Field’, Future Islands’ fifth album, the Baltimore trio find themselves in an unfamiliar position. . remarkably vivid.” “Ambitious . .