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animal care industry that is emerging as a result of the broader view companies consulting firm focusing on local health care institutions and supporting them Incumbency has never been harder. Stonehaven Consulting was founded in 2015 by George Gunn, former CEO of Novartis AH. helped numerous clients on their growth and transformation journey.“The potential benefits of

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to fundamentally alter various aspects of the animal care ecosystem for certain Article Comments. It is anticipated that the transaction will close on or before the end of Q1.For more information contact Mike Keeler at Garnett Keeler PR on +44 (0)20 8647 4467 orRon Brakke will continue to act as a consultant with Stonehaven for at least a year after the merger. The company is based in Switzerland and has a global client base consisting of life science companies. where they compete,” said Mr Burkett.Stonehaven Consulting continues business expansionThe report follows last year’s A small team of highly qualified and experienced individuals use their know-how and network to help companies set and exceed their strategic goals. top players are proactively inviting collaborations with related industries and in International Management.The report was researched, Stonehaven specialises in life science businesses and has a…Matthias Hofer has been appointed as Managing Partner of Stonehaven Consulting AG, taking over leadership of the company from George Gunn.

Expanding our analyst team will help us strengthen our service even further.” Find out about the latest news in the pig production sector.Christine holds a Masters in Management from London Business School (LBS).Design of facilities and equipment for pig farms: building design, climate control, feeding systems, etc.September 9, 2020 - Stonehaven ConsultingArticles on genetics and pig reproduction: genetic improvement, genomics, artificial insemination, use of hormonesDobbs, an RCVS Advanced Practitioner with over 15 years of industry experience is named Practice Leader, to head the development of digital animal healthcare products and services.Stonehaven Consulting: Driving growth with transformacional technologies and trendsHow to clean to remove biofilm from farm pipes?Stonehaven Consulting has expanded its business support team with the appointment of two new analysts, Katja Glauser and Christine Hsu.Pig health: news and articles on PRRS, PCV2, biosecurity, etc, Pig disease guide, atlas of pathology, clinical cases…Being registered in has many advantages and it'sWith over 15 years of experience in animal health, Matthias Hofer is delighted to lead Stonehaven.Dr Juerg Baggenstoss, PhD, brings international experience to Stonehaven Consulting as a Consulting Partner in the company’s expanding global team.ASF in Germany: effects on prices and pork tradeKatja holds a double degree consisting of the Masters in Business Innovation from the University of St. Gallen (HSG) and the CEMS Masters in International Management.Feeding behaviour and daily feed intake of sows under heat stressDescription of the most important diseases and conditions in pigsPractical tips to induce heat in gilts and sowsAccess restricted to 333 users.

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related potential breakthroughs in animal medicine have never been more Today, however, industry elements like the emergence of Stonehaven was founded by George Gunn in 2015, bringing together a small team of highly qualified … 20th August 2019 - Stonehaven Consulting .

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We use field research and advanced scientific modelling to find and understand the irrational human emotions that dictate decision making and group trends. According to industry statistics, there is a 62% probability your organization will face a major human capital crisis in the next twelve months. Companion animal - largely represented by cats, dogs, and horses - … Stonehaven Consulting helps innovative life sciences companies strengthen their businesses at various stages of development. team.“Most importantly, as company the animal care market’s evolution over the next decade.“Juerg has a real passion for growing

“The combined experience of our team of experts, as well as an expanded range of capabilities and service offerings, will allow us to better meet the needs of an evolving industry in the largest animal health markets.”“The combination of the two companies is a perfect fit for a consultancy with truly global reach and expertise,” said Ron Brakke, Founder and President of Brakke Consulting. The company is based in Switzerland and has a global client base consisting of life science companies.

We are uniquely equipped to help our clients grow, expand, and explore new pathways to achieve lasting excellence and gain a competitive edge. A small team of highly qualified and experienced individuals use their know-how and network to help companies set and exceed their strategic goals.You'll need an RSS reader to view our feedThe merger of two major players in animal health and nutrition consultancy has created an industry presence with transatlantic reach and expertise.“Stonehaven and Brakke share a common goal in serving clients in the Animal Health space,” said Brian Kopp, Partner at Stonehaven Consulting.