Simryn Gill

Gill’s work for International 06 entitled Garland (1993-2006) presented us with a collection to be organised consisting of hundreds of objects the artist picked up from the beaches of Malaysia and the islands off Singapore, seen against the … 51. Using objects, language and photographs, her work conveys a deep interest in material culture and in the ways that meaning can transform and translate into different contexts. These objects are then placed on the floor in a loose yet compelling configuration: they all face the same direction, relentlessly heading towards an unspecified destination. I Know How Furiously Your Heart Is BeatingFounded in 1955 by artist and curator Arnold Bode and running every 5 years, this year's iterative edition, Documenta...ARTPIL is accepting submissions of Profiles, Articles, and Announcements. Simryn Gill is fascinated by the human impulse to create systems through which the world may be controlled, ordered and understood. She works in sculpture, photography, drawing, and writing.

: +65 6460 0300.

Tous droits réservésNTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore (Chine) Simryn Gill was born in 1959 in Singapore, raised in Malaysia, and educated in India and the United Kingdom. Le travail est paradigmatique de l'approche de Simryn Gill à "comprendre la place comme un verbe plutôt qu’un nom, qui existe dans nos actions: marcher, parler, vivre.

Ouverture du mardi au dimanche de 12h à 19h, le vendredi de 12h à 21h. Le centre d'art contemporain NTU de Singapour (NTU CCA Singapour) présente NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore, Block 43 Malan Road Gillman Barracks – Singapore 109443 (Chine).
La pratique artistique de Simryn Gill diffuse une sensibilité envers le quotidien et décompresse les complexités de notre monde sous divers angles et subjectivités. LOT OFFERED WITH NO RESERVE THIS LOT IS TO BE SOLD WITH NO RESERVE.

She works in sculpture, photography, drawing, and writing.

She is a systematic collector, especially of books as objects of reverence and dispute. Une grande partie de ses œuvres découle du travail d'un processus de tamisage à travers l’exploration de ses environnements immédiats à travers des actes de collecte, d'écriture, de lecture, d'archivage ou …

London, Tate Modern, Simryn Gill: A Small Town at the Turn of the Century 1999–2000, 18 March – 7 May 2006 (another example exhibited) of 68 lots. Simryn Gill's installation 'Roadkill' consists of small objects, found squashed on the roads of various cities, and fitted with toy wheels.

Born in Singapore in 1959, Gill lives in Sydney and Port Dickson, Malaysia. Je voudrais parler de ce que nous faisons maintenant. Simryn Gill, born in Singapore, lives in Sydney and Port Dickson, Malaysia. With a focus on modern + contemporary arts, ARTPIL provides stories, event news, interviews featuring profiles of artists of all disciplines, museums & galleries, agencies & organizations, both curated and from the public domain.

Installation view of Simryn Gill: Hugging The Shore at NTU Centre for Contemporary Art … Tél. Several of her projects involve erasing or excising the printed word in a microcosmic struggle with authority as embodied by canonical texts.

Les séries de photographies sont le résultat d'un processus de durée, d’heures de recherche, d'errance et de collecte traduit en centaines et des centaines de photographies.Commissaires d’exposition : Ute Meta Bauer et Anca Rujoiu (2006) est un concept de travail ambitieux composé de 800 photos qui retrace un voyage d'un mois à pied dans le quartier de l'artiste à Sydney. Simryn Gill … She is a systematic collector, especially of books as objects of reverence and dispute. "© ArtCatalyse International / Marika Prévosto 2015.