Shabbat plate

Available colors: Blue, Light...The Ocean BLue Challah Plate by Lily Art is a calming and tranquil, perfect for a relaxing Shabbat. Made in Israel and measures 15" x...Wooden Inlay Design Challah Board with KnifeA beautifully hand made flat ceramic Challah tray. MOQ: 1 Set About 47% of these are Hot Plates.

Reg. Includes Matching Knife.

single mini electric oven with shabbat hot plate. A. $4.50-$6.10

MOQ: 1000.0 Pieces Laser cut...Wood Challah Board with Inlayed Design Corners and Removeable Insert.
$8.00-$10.00 Measures 15" x...Your shopping cart is empty, Start shopping :)Lily Art has created the Red Tulip Challah Plate that is colorful and festive for any occasion.
The Shabbos Safe Hot Plate was designed by an Electronic Engineering Technician with the first priority being safety. offers 154 shabbat hotplate products. Size: 15" x 8"  (please specify...Lily Art has created this fun and festive Rainbow Pomegranate Challah Plate with pewter acccents. Hand made in Israel.

Natural color with Hebrew biblical verses (Lecha Didi for Shabbat). Contact Supplier

Contact Supplier .

With over 20 years experience, offering quality products and great customer service is the driving force behind Golden Dreidle's success.A beautiful Glass Challah Plate by Etai Mager.

Plus, it has a red pilot indicator, to let us know the hot plate is turned on so you won’t forget it. Hand made in Israel by Michal Ben Yosef.

Natural color with Hebrew verses (blessings for peacefull and holy...This lovely Rainbow Pomegranate Challah Plate by Lily Art comes from Israel and would make a wonderful addition to any home!

Size: 10.5" x 14"Aluminum Oval Shaped Challah Plate with Blue and White Stone Inlay, 16.5" x 11.75"A beautifully hand made flat ceramic Challah tray. Made in Israel by Michal Ben Yosef. Made in Israel.

Stainless Steel Warming Tray Shabbat Food Warming Plate. 8:4 An Electric Hot Plate. A wide variety of shabbat hotplate options are available to you, such as housing, certification, and hot plate surface. $8.60-$9.50

Rainbow Shabbat Challah Plate, by Lily Art.

Natural and dark copper color with pomegranates (symbol of 613...Crackled ceramic Challah tray. Made in Israel and measures 15" x...Rainbow Pomegranate Challah Plate, by Lily ArtJerusalem Stone and Glass Inset Challah Plate and Knife, Import from Israel, 15" x 10"Lily Art has designed the Laser Cut Blue Tulip Challah Plate that is sleek an elegant and will look perfect in anyone's home. MOQ: 10 Units 3.1 out of 5 stars 35 ratings. Turquoise color with red pomegranates (symbol of 613...The Pomegranate Challah Plate with Salt Dish by Quest is really a lovely addition to any Shabbat table. $18.00-$19.00 Measures 15" x 10" and comes from... Sale Price: $50.00 (ea.)