PBS Logo

It allegedly made its first appearance on the Nature episode "Krakatoa: The Day That Shook the World", broadcast on September 30, 1984, and replaced the previous logo entirely on new programming the day after. The scope of programs on which this logo appeared was widened by March 1993; until then, the only other known programs where this logo had appeared were Charlie Rose and Masterpiece Theater. It first appeared on Jude the Obscure, broadcast as part of Masterpiece Theater between October 3 and November 7, 1971. As with the blue variant of the previous logo, this was used as the national network ID on the satellite feed. Again, it has fleeting appearances on PBS today, but your best bet to find it is '90s PBS Home Video tapes at your local library, including the Turner releases of The Dinosaurs and Ken Burns' Baseball. NET / PBS - CLG WikiNET / PBS - CLG WikiNET / PBS - CLG WikiPBS (2003) NET / PBS - CLG WikiPublic Broadcasting Service - CLG WikiPublic Broadcasting Service - CLG WikiNET / PBS - CLG WikiPublic Broadcasting Service - CLG WikiPBS (2002, Basketball) PBS (2002, Activities) Be More PBS Logos - CLG Wiki The music is played on strings and keyboards. The anniversary specials for KPTS and KVIE also had this logo, but, the logo just "pops" up one letter at a time in KPTS '40th anniversary special, while a still logo can be seen in KVIE's 50th anniversary special. Cowboy Hat: The young man from the "Generations" variant is dancing with his cowboy hat; a close-up of him wearing it; and finally he briefly tosses it at the camera and giggles (David Kaye: "I'm PBS." ” Understanding." FX/SFX: The computer effects used to shrink the acrobats and superimpose them around the circle. The PBS "P" Circle now in the standard black and white colors appears with a blur effect. The music is arranged in a beautiful piano solo ending in a dramatic string cadence and a male announcer (Bob Hilton) saying "This is PBS."

The first logo consisted of the words stacked up on top of each other, with “PUBLIC” in red, “BROADCASTING” in yellow, and “SERVICE” in blue. This could also be seen on various episodes of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood from 1974-1980 on Twitch.tv, its first appearance being on Episode # 1362. It appeared on old prints of PBS shows produced from 1984-89. Art Interacts: A man is walking in a street when he encounters a gigantic exotic Pine Green object that looks like a Rubik's-Cube slanted on its corner, which twirls around quite to the man's amusement. Woman in blue shirt; male acrobats with yellow shirts do a "side spin". Also made a sneak appearance on a few 1977-82-era episodes of The Dick Cavett Show on DECADES. 7th Logo Availability: Appeared on election-themed programs in 2016. Availability: Uncommon. part of a series of architectural documentaries hosted by David Macaulay, even though earlier installments had this (and the earlier logo, in the case of Castle) plastered with the 1992 logo in the same reissue of the series. Availability: Scarce. The Christmas variant is long extinct and currently cannot be found, but there is proof of it existing (see above). (June 20, 2017- ) This could also be seen on various episodes of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood from 1974-1980 on Twitch.tv, its first appearance being on Episode # 1362. among other programs. For its first year, it was used in tandem with the previous logo, appearing on some episodes of Nature (starting in its 11th season), Sesame Street (particularly late in the 24th season), and Mister Rogers' Neighborhood (mainly episodes that premiered in 1993 as well as some mid-'90s reruns of older programs) as well as all third-season episodes of Shining Time Station, 1993 episodes of Newton's Apple, and the earliest nationally-broadcast episodes of Charlie Rose, among others. (September 2, 1996-c. November 7, 1999) Music / Sounds / Voice-over Variant: On some shows, Lauren Bacall says "You are watching PBS."