National dress of Switzerland

The shirt is usually white and the rest of the costume is very colorful with beautiful decorations and accessories. Generally, smocks were reserved for school. Traditional Switzerland National Costumes. Nice embroidery! The Swiss were tough mountaineers. Each character is in 2 color versions depending on the background. Swiss Cowherd in Traditional costume yoke cow bell in traditional costumes at the Swiss costume parade, Interlaken, SwitzerlandBarcelona cathedral interior with a Swiss family SpainKoblet, Hugo, 21.3.1925 - 6.11.1964, Swiss racing cyclist, looking into the picnic basket of a spectator, circa 1950, Additional-Rights-Clearance-Info-Not-Available Christopher RUDECK (GER) after his first national game, waving, waving; Debut (debut), debutant (debutant), debut, debutant; Handball Laenspiel der Maenner, Friendly Match, Germany (GER) - Switzerland (SUI) 27:29, in Duesseldorf/Germany on 09.03.2019 | usage worldwidePrincess Soraya with Maximilian Schell at the theatrePortrait of a swiss farmer in traditional dress - AUGUST 1: Traditional parade in Zurich on the Swiss National Day, August 1, 2013 in Zurich Stock Vector - Illustration of … Jahrhundert National costumes of North Macedonia‎ (15 C, 283 F) ... National costumes of Switzerland‎ (32 C, 623 F) T full-length silhouette, with pigtails and cap, in old traditional national dress with a fluffy skirt, vector outline portrait, black and white cYour Lightboxes will appear here when you have created some.Switzerland swiss Schwyz canton Schwyz tradition folklore national costumes carnival masks disguising fancy dress relocation of men in traditional Swiss costumesThree Swiss alphorn players, wearing traditional dress, preparing to play their instrumentsZURICH - AUGUST 1: Representatives of cantone Appenzeller participating in the Swiss National Day parade on August 1, 2009 in Zurich, Switzerland. in national dress man and woman in traditional costume hats in Mohawk shape or very high ornate hats) etc.The typical feature about the traditional women's Swiss costume is the beautiful floral embroidery. Switzerland is no exception. Remember, neutral is the name of the game here. 15th November, 2014.