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We have repeated this theme throughout the last century was acquitted at his subsequent retrial.At the original trial, the prosecution had entered evidence suggesting that Molineux had been responsible for an earlier death, that of Henry Crossman Barnet, with the aim of showing that he had a propensity to murder. He told them to keep trying.The third, Lauren Young, said she was a model trying to make it as a screenwriter in 2013 when Weinstein trapped her in his hotel suite’s bathroom, where he stripped off the top of her dress and groped her.MACC to charge ex-minister’s aide tomorrowMACC faces political flak for Chinese web sectionSyed Saddiq unveils logo for new party, MudaMANHATTAN: As the jurors in Harvey Weinstein’s sexual assault trial wrestle with a pair of charges that could send the fallen movie mogul to prison for life, the testimony of three women who don’t even appear in his indictment could help seal his fate.In New York it dates back to a landmark 1901 decision involving a chemist named Roland Molineux who was accused in a fatal cyanide poisoning.Holland launches case against Syria for ‘horrific’ tortureNo way Sabah, Sarawak can get 20% oil royalty from govt, says BungTo convict him on count three, it would need to find that he assaulted both Mann and Sciorra.Ex-JP Morgan banker on trial for bribing client by hiring his sonIf the jury finds the allegations of assault from these three women credible, it may decide Haley and Mann never gave Weinstein their consent either and convict him of rape and a criminal sexual act.After 18 years of fighting infectious diseases, Dr Leong Chee Loon of HKL says there is no room for complacency in tackling Covid-19.In a category by herself is the actor Annabella Sciorra, who told the jury that Weinstein raped her in the early 1990s.95 new Covid-19 cases, with one death in SabahThe testimony of the Molineux witnesses may come into play as well.Freed taxi driver seeks order to remove LTTE as terror groupHer allegations are a linchpin for the two predatory sexual assault counts, the gravest charges facing the former Hollywood power broker.No way Sabah, Sarawak can get 20% oil royalty from govt,...To find Weinstein guilty on count one, the jury would need to be persuaded by the evidence for the alleged attacks on both Haley and Sciorra.On Friday the jury sent a note to the judge referring to two counts of predatory sexual assault – counts one and three on the verdict sheet it’s working from – and suggesting it might be deadlocked. They’re known as Molineux witnesses in New York, where Weinstein is being tried, and they testified to their own encounters with him as prosecutors sought to persuade the jury that the two women he is charged with attacking never gave their consent to sex.The first of the three witnesses, Dawn Dunning, testified that in 2004, when she was an aspiring actor waiting tables, Weinstein lured her to a business meeting in a hotel room and digitally penetrated her.MACC to charge official who sacked whistleblower“The consistent theme is that the defendant used his business stature in the movie industry to lure women to believe that he would connect them to careers in the entertainment industry,” Burke wrote, adding that the testimony could help the jury of seven men and five women understand why Haley and Mann feared reprisals if they went to the police.Weinstein’s lawyers have cited Burke’s Molineux ruling, as well as other decisions that went against them, in calling for a mistrial.And if the jurors believe Sciorra, too, that will meet the requirements of predatory sexual assault – the two counts they seem to be stuck on – and Weinstein, 67, could spend the rest of his life behind bars.When the taps stopped running in the Klang ValleyWith new norms, there's no let-up even for frontlinersWeinstein is accused of forcing oral sex on “Project Runway” assistant Miriam Haley in his SoHo loft in 2006 and raping aspiring actor Jessica Mann in a midtown Manhattan hotel in 2013.Political big guns come out for Sabah pollsWeinstein’s lawyers argue that any encounters their client had were consensual.Road bully arrested after harassing cop who made U-turnThe decision was unsealed on Feb 7, revealing that prosecutors sought to call a total of five such witnesses, the same number as at the Cosby trial.Israeli handed 3 life sentences for killing Palestinian child, parentsGLC stocks take heat on possible political realignment in morning tradingPredatory sexual assault requires a serious attack on at least two people.Assange’s lawyer says she saw Trump ally offering to arrange a...New York State Supreme Court Justice James Burke ruled in December, over the objections of the defence, that the three accusers could be called to rebut Weinstein’s argument that the encounters were consensual and to show his “intent to use forcible compulsion” on Haley and Mann.He said it could help the jurors decide whether Weinstein “created an engineered situation where he could be alone” with Mann and Haley “and then sexually assault them.” Pronunciation of Molineux with 2 audio pronunciations, 1 meaning, 4 translations and more for Molineux.

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