Matt Horner

These factors combined with Matt’s friendly, good-natured personality have made him popular with a wide range of clientele – from timid beginners to the most experienced hardmen/women. "Valerian, Horner, and Kerrigan discuss the upcoming invasion"Officials have declined to release the total number of casualties on Adena, but our source alleges that rogue mercenaries were responsible. Eventually, she came to terms with the Daelaam, and cut herself from the Khala, stating that perhaps history did not need to be recorded with perfect clarity. Karass instructed Zeratul to escape with the information; the praetor and his troops proceeded to buy Zeratul time with their lives. Zurvan embodied the "survival of the fittest" ideals the primal Zerg pack leaders operated on. ""We should be there in about three hours. Since the game came out, he is formerly the notable member of Raynor's Raiders and the Sons of Korhal and currently a Terran Dominion admiral, captain of the Hyperion flagship. "The 47 Most Diabolical Video-Game Villains of All Time"Dr. Ariel Hanson is a scientist who becomes associated with Raynor's Raiders after her home colony on the planet Agria is invaded by Zerg in Alarak is a central figure of the Tal'Darim in the service of Amon. He fought alongside Commander Jim Raynor and Crown Prince Valerian Mengsk to rise against the tyranny of the ruthless Emperor … Very little is known about this creature, beyond the fact that the shapeshifter was in fact a Xel'Naga, and by its own admission had adopted many aliases throughout its several millennia of existence. StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm. However, she was more inclined to cooperate with Raynor and Horner, and offered to allow the Raiders to buy out her contract with Orlan. Mission: Heart of the Swarm, Lab Rat (in English).Between the end of the Brood War and Kerrigan's defeat on Char, Kerrigan created numerous StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void - Nova Covert Ops AnnouncedThe purifiers are a synthetic race conceived as an "ultimate fighting force" at a time when Protoss scientists and engineers were making technological advancements in intelligent and sentient robotics. Terrans are in a constant state of conflict: whenever they are not caught in the The Khalai government sees Tassadar's consortion with the dark templar as heretical and as a bigger threat to their society than the Zerg invasion of the Protoss homeworld Aiur, sending Karax is a Khalai phasesmith. Blizzard Entertainment. (Activision Blizzard). View the profiles of people named Matthew Horner.

Departing After. (Activision Blizzard). Her unit is a Carrier. By this time, it is implied that he is the most senior member of the Dark Templar remaining aside from Zeratul. She is a skilled warrior, and dedicated to her people. She was described as "hollow and destructive" by Zurvan. Kraith was defeated by the new, primal reinfested Sarah Kerrigan, who consumed his essence. Ma'Lash was the Highlord of the Tal'Darim. 2013-03-12.Zagara is a Zerg broodmother, Kerrigan's second-in-command, and the leader of the The shapeshifter makes its initial appearance as Mohandar appears in the StarCraft II short story Children of the Void, set before Legacy of the Void. Kaldalis survived the Zerg conquest of Aiur during the Great War. Matt Horner is World Wide Technology’s Senior Vice President of Global Enterprise Sales. Liberty is described as being "of normal height and proportions, if a little lanky." [1][3] After Amon forced the Protoss into retreat, he guided Hierarch Artanis through the Spear of Adun, explaining its systems and how he had given orders for the Templar in stasis to have their nerve cords removed, as per Amon's corruption of the Khala. The Swarm was reunited under Kerrigan at the end of the Brood War. are secondary agents in the Zerg Swarm, each of which commands an individual brood of Zerg that possesses a distinct tactical role within the hierarchy.Vorazun is a Nerazim matriarch, daughter to Raszagal, second-in-command to Artanis, and the leader of the surviving Nerazim on Shakuras. Zurvan was younger than the power found in the first spawning pool but older than the first Overmind. StarCraft: Brood War (manual). Nor did it take long for the battlecruisers to arrive at their destination—the During this period, Horner made a stop at During the assault on Char, Horner provided advice and support for Raynor from the Raynor led them into a prefab home and took the time to dress Horner's wound, finding that an artery had been hit.