Jeffrey Soros

Fauci also graduated from Cornell University Medical College in 1966 and therefore could not possibly have been college roommates with technology mogul Bill Gates, who attended Harvard College for a few years in the mid-1970s.Viral text accurately outlines how biotechnology company Moderna is linked to Dr. Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, George Soros, and Jeffrey Epstein.A Cornell graduate by the name of Anthony Fauci, who was a roommate with none other thanOnline commentators and social media users sought to undermine protests sparked by the police shooting of Blake in Wisconsin in August 2020.There are some interesting theories as to why the president keeps sharing misinformation to his followers.

His role in Moderna is where he made his fortune and established his connections. 1) Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), has never been the CEO of Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Moderna. In a previous report, BLP On September 16, 2020, Utah Senator Mitt Romney Meanwhile, disgraced former FBI director James Comey’s daughter Maurene is one of the prosecutors in the case.shows up alongside Bill Richardson, Alec Baldwin and others.“Epstein’s personal phone directory from his computer contains e-mail addresses for Clinton along with 21 phone numbers for him, including those for his assistant (Doug Band), his schedulers, and what appear to be Clinton’s personal numbers. U.S. President Donald Trump promoted the baseless smear — and the anonymous account behind it — to his nearly 86 million followers. Here’s something many of you don’t know, It's often difficult to make out the specifics of an intentionally generic image. Related Posts.

That’s the role of campaigns.”Why did Epstein get a very light sentence — 13 months in a comfortable county jail — when he was first convicted as a sex criminal?Former Democrat president Bill Clinton released a statement Monday through a spokesperson acknowledging numerous interactions with his frequent travel companion Jeffrey Epstein.Sign up for our free email newsletter, and we'll make sure to keep you in the loop.Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta, a former Miami prosecutor, reportedly cut Jeffrey Epstein a deal in Epstein’s previous case because he was told that Epstein “belonged to intelligence.” Epstein now stands criminally accused of child sex trafficking.#CancelNetflix: Netflix Stock Tanking As Viewers Unsubscribe Over “Cuties”Court documents show that Jeffrey Epstein had 21 different phone numbers for Bill Clinton.The U.S. District Court Judge presiding over the Jeffrey Epstein child trafficking case was appointed to the federal bench by former president Bill Clinton, We invite you to become a Big League Politics insider. Soros died at his Fifth Avenue home on the Upper East Side of Manhattan on June 15, 2013, at the age of 87. Snopes and the logo are registered service marks of Net worth of George Soros. Fauci has been the director of NIAID since 1984, while ModeRNA Therapeutics was not founded until 2010. Help preserve this vital resource. As many of you heard Moderna is in stage 3 of their vaccine testing.

He had suffered from Parkinson's disease, diabetes, jaw cancer and tongue cancer during his … False rumors were spread on social media in order to capitalize on heightened panic about pedophilia. You also agree to this site's Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.Southern Baptist Convention to Rename Itself In Nod to Black Lives Matter MovementThe Utah Senator declared “It’s not the legitimate role of government, for Congress or for taxpayer expense, to be used in an effort to damage political opponents.” He added, “I do believe it’s very important that the committees of Congress, and ours in particular, not fall into an increasing pattern that we’re seeing, which is using taxpayer dollars and the power of Congress to do political work. Turns out the bar is fairly low.

The Soros-Epstein connection is less clearly defined at this time, based on available knowledge, than the clear relationship […] Sign up for our free email newsletter, and we'll make sure to keep you in the loop.Omaha Business Owner Who Killed BLM Rioter in Self-Defense is Hit with Multiple Felony ChargesThis field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.FBI Raids Home of Star Netflix Actor, Biden Surrogate In Child Sex Investigationa co-founder of the Clinton Global Initiative.Earlier in March of this year, Romney said that the investigation “appears” to be politically motivated. Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson, the leader of this investigation, Serious conservatives should do everything possible to boot Romney out of the party.Michelle Obama’s Influence Over Netflix Led to Release of Pro-Pedo Movie ‘Cuties’Copyright Big League Politics.