Italy SuperStar lottery

On LottoSmile, you can play the Italian SuperEnalotto lottery with the SuperStar option. SuperEnalotto's latest record jackpot has also managed to surpass all previous European prizes to date! When you play SuperEnalotto SuperStar, you'll be offered the Italian SuperEnalotto lottery's world-famous prizes and familiar format with added prizes and benefits. There are three chances to win the SuperStar every week on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Easily integrate SuperStar lottery results into your website and application with our reliable lottery APIs.. Read their astonishing stories here to find out how their lives were changed completely after their striking wins. These odds have created many impressive jackpots over the years, such as the €71,767,565 in May of 2005, €100,756,197 in October of 2008, €147,807,299 in August of 2009, and the world’s largest jackpot of €177,800,000 (US$247,943,104) in October of 2010. That same year the first Italian lottery was played. The SuperStar adds prize categories to the SuperEnalotto’s six, creating 14 ways of winning this super popular Italian lottery. The SuperStar number creates bigger jackpots and multiplies secondary prizes by up to 100 times for Italian lottery fans! Italy’s SuperEnalotto lottery is one of the most famous lotteries in Europe for its massive jackpots that attract fans across the continent. Some lottery winners went from rags to riches literally overnight. If you are using WordPress, you can simply install our WordPress lottery plugin. © Copyright 2020 @ Win-Lottery.Net.

All Rights Reserved RESULTS OF SUPERENALOTTO LOTTERY ON JUNE 11, 2020; JACKPOT RAISES TO 50 MILLION EUROMEGA MILLIONS RESULTS FOR MAY 08, 2020: JACKPOT STANDS AT $248 MILLION Share ButtonA CALIFORNIA PLAYER WIN A SECOND PRIZE; POWERBALL ROLLS TO $24 MILLIONRESULTS OF SEPTEMBER 11, 2020; MEGA MILLIONS STANDS AT $119 MILLIONNINE PLAYERS WON THE SECOND PRIZES OF EURO MILLIONS LOTTERY; JACKPOT IS €26 MILLION...THE RESULT OF POWERBALL LOTTERY OF AMERICA ON SEPTEMBER 09, 2020Play the Lottery Online from Win-Lottery.NetMEGA MILLIONS JACKPOT EXPLODED AGAIN, $22 MILLION FOUND OUT THE OWNERMEGA MILLIONS RESULTS FOR 2020/07/21: JACKPOT STANDS AT $124 MILLIONItaly SuperStar is one of the biggest lotteries in Europe. This was for the August 13, 2019 drawing of SuperEnalotto. Check the official Italy SuperStar results on this page and see if you have the winning numbers. Find all historical Italy SuperStar results from past draws. Over the years, we have had some amazing winners on Lotto Smile India. Visit Italy's official SuperStar Lotto site, Won in August of 2019, the record-breaking €209,160,441 million top prize was won by a single ticket purchased in the northern Italian city of Lodi.No record found. EUROMILLIONS LOTTERY RESULT OF SEPTEMBER 11, 2020; JACKPOT RAISES TO 50...

Italy SuperStar Lottery Record Jackpots. Posted on August 15, 2017 by Jonathan. Up until June 2009, the six main SuperEnalotto numbers comprised the first number drawn in the regional Lotto draws for the cities of Bari, Florence, Milan, Naples, Palermo and Rome, whilst the Jolly number came from the draw in Venice. SuperStar: 56 Past Results • Prizes/Odds. Italy SuperStar is one of the biggest lotteries in Europe. How To Buy Austria EuroMillions Lottery Ticket The Super Star additional number multiplies prizes between 25-100 times, heaps millions onto top prizes, and provides Italy’s premier lottery with eight new prize categories! These new secondary prizes have been made bigger with €1 or €2 million added to them, or multiplied 25-100 times just for matching the SuperStar number! Never miss a Italy SuperStar … To play the SuperStar at LottoSmile, choose six numbers as you would in the SuperEnalotto, and choose one more number for the SuperStar out of a guess range of 1-90. If you match all six SuperEnalotto numbers and the SuperStar, you will receive an extra €2 million in addition to the jackpot advertised. SuperStar prizes start at a minimum of €5 for matching just the SuperStar number, and increase in value depending on how many main SuperEnalotto numbers you match. Find out the Italy SuperStar results for Thursday, 2 Jan 2020 along with the prizes won and the number of winners. Check your SuperStar results online now and see if you’re a winner in this exciting Italian lottery!THREE SECOND PRIZES; MEGA MILLIONS JACKPOT JUMPS TO $378 MILLION SuperEnalotto History. The jackpot reached the all-time high after more than a … ... and prize payouts for Italy. It is not uncommon for an entire town to … You can also play other Italian lotteries, such as the exciting Italy MillionDAY!

Here are some of the most notable lottery wins from Italy: The biggest lottery jackpot from Italy is currently €209,160,441. SuperStar has one of the most challenging winning odds in the world, requiring nine winning numbers to get the jackpot. This Italian lottery game was launched in the 1950s as Enalotto before being renamed as SuperEnalotto in 1997. SuperEnalotto SuperStar results. The 3rd prize (Match 5 + Jolly) with the SuperStar, for instance, will get a €1 million boost compared to SuperEnalotto's Match 5 + Jolly. The lottery regulation company SISAL was founded in 1946. To make things even more exciting, a bonus number called the Jolly number is selected during the draw! To play the Italy SuperStar lottery online, click Australia Superdraw Saturday Lotto - InfoThe SuperStar adds even more excitement to the beloved Italian SuperEnalotto game with the addition of more prize categories! And their stories are far more impressive than you may think.