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They’re half hour long episodes, and he posts every two weeks. I agree with Kim 2 Dope Queens is hilarious and I listen to Balanced Bites every week.I just found a new-to-me podcast called Wine & Crime that I think you would love.

Which is why I obviously HAVE to recommend my own podcast. I love that you listen to murder and sex as I laughed out loud when you said that as I totally relate. Not creepy. Be sure to check it out.After seeing this post as I listen to most of these, I listened to your podcast for the first time and I’m now 5 podcast in since Sunday! !This American Life, Radio Lab, and “The Vanished” are all really great too!Oh my gosh this makes me so excited! this came at perfect timing! I have been listening to every single podcast you have mentioned thus far! It’s just like the books. Your trust in me is appreciated.The women from Guys we F****d are coming to Denver this spring! For any of you that don’t, I … Podcasts I’m Listening To Right Now Read More » It sounds hilariously cringey!You should add “Missing Maura Murry”. I needed a reset and after listening to your story, challenges and successes, I am motivated to stop making excuses and do it.I love “stuff you should know” and “Bad with money” if you are looking to branch out of sex and murder, though admittedly, the stuff you should know covers some sex and murder things.https://gimletmedia.com/episode/64-on-the-inside/What app do you use to listen to and organize your podcasts?ah!! The I’m Listening community raises awareness by proudly sharing and living the “I’m Listening” message. I’m more so into stories, confident women, and people who will tell it how it is. You’re welcome. We create change by funding projects that create space for women’s voices, making visible the support for women’s equality and encouraging everyone (especially men) to deeply listen to women. throughout history, but they’re all true. So excited to see them!I’m a true-crime junkie and my fave pods include MFM, Casefile, Real Crime Profile, Locked Up Abroad, Real Crime All the Time, and The Vanished. Which is why I obviously HAVE to recommend I’m a food hoarder. Random facts you didn’t think you needed to know…and probably still don’t.Television show, not a podcast, but since you enjoy murdery creepy things, you may dig The Fall. Thanks for keeping it real and all the motivate. What I'm Listening To Now By Jamie Jones Publisher's Note: “What I’m Listening To Now” is a new SoulTracks feature where we ask some of our favorite artists what they are listening to, and share that with SoulTrackers Hey SoulTrackers, This is Jamie Jones from All-4-One. Thank you!Been in need of some new podcasts! All your podcasts are the ones I listen to, too!I still need to listen to locked up abroad! I actually listened to season 2 first and was hooked. And a really bad dancer.

The I’m Listening community raises awareness by proudly sharing and living the “I’m Listening” message. You get me girrrl! The only non-true-crime podcast I listen to is….PaleOMG Uncensored Cuz you’re awesome!You read my mind!! to listen to. 'I'm Listening' 2020: The Official Simple Self-Care Guide Cooking and going outside may sound like a given, but it's important to remind ourselves to … It’s similar to MFM, which is obviously awesome. Go on - get it...we will love you for it.Sign up with your email address to receive news and updates. Literally earlier today was looking for new podcasts to enjoy. It’s hysterical! Therefore, I apologize ahead of time. Coooooool. Yes I'm listening now Na na na Na na na Na na na There were times, I was sure Everything was gonna be alright The sun would shine, the world would turn No matter how, I lived my life Loves the answer just like they always said Come on baby, tell me something about love instead I'm listening now Trying to sort it out Tryin to figure it out somehow Buy the $45 T-shirt! The premise is that 3 Minnesota girls sit around drinking wine and and talking about crime, and by the end of the episode, they’re pretty wasted. I’m so excited you posted these, I find myself sitting at home on the couch with my headphones in listening to podcasts instead of watching TV.

This list is amazing.