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His painting Gallery of Famous Paintings by Famous Artists. The painting has been called the "Dutch Mona Lisa", mostly due to the ambiguous expression of the subject. In his review of the exhibition which he titled "Exhibition of Impressionists," the art critic Louis Leroy said: 1, Portrait of the Artist's Mother" by James Abbott McNeill Whistler (1834-1903).

It's in the bottom right-hand corner, far in enough so it would not be cut off by the frame. Albrecht Dürer, Hare, 1502. 1500 x 2300 mm. How the line between the blue and green behind the figures is curved, echoing the circle of figures. The British artist John Virtue has painted abstracted landscapes with just black and white since 1978. This photo shows one in the V&A Museum in London. The last time the painting was stolen was in 2004. Monet's full name was Claude Oscar Monet. "The Restaurant de la Sirene, at Asnieres" by Vincent van Gogh. Around 1715 a shield was painted onto the "Night Watch" containing the names of 18 people, but only some of the names had ever been identified.

It was painted around 1665 and portrays a turbaned girl with a pearl earring. This monochrome painting by American artist Ad Reinhardt (1913-1967) is in the Museum of Modern Art (Moma) in New York. Right: Photo portrait taken December 2007. Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) The most parodied, replicated, visited, documented and recognized work of art in the world, Mona Lisa by Italian painter Leonardo da Vinci naturally falls into this list. "The Night Cafe" by Vincent van Gogh (1888).Ben Van Meerondonk / Hulton Archive / Getty Images The painter Camille Pissarro tends to be less well known than many of his contemporaries (such as Monet) but has a unique spot in the art timeline. Changes are allowed to show. Reference Photos for Painting: Monet's "Garden at Giverny." Size 18 x 13 5/8 x 2 5/8 inches (45.7 x 34.6 x 6.7 cm). This painting by Monet gave the name to the Painting Exhibition: Vincent van Gogh and Expressionism But it could be regarded as a comment (satire) on the intolerance of rural populations to outsiders. It's a 1:29 scale replica of Vice Admiral Nelson's flagship, HMS "Dora Maar" or "Tête De Femme" - Picasso Surreal Case of the Dali Images and a Battle Over Artistic License De Kooning was apprenticed to commercial art and decorating firm when he was 12 and attended evening classes at the Rotterdam Academy of Fine Arts and Techniques for eight years. Buried as rubbish, unlikely to be dug up centuries from now by an archaeologist. It is one of the western world's most famous paintings. In the Oil paint on paper laid on canvas. Or, that was the intention. It is considered to be one of the most important anti-war works of art in history. Bigger Trees Near Warter - David Hockney Lee Krasner and Jackson Pollock in east Hampton, ca. Oil paint on wood. Notice that the composition is off-center.Christ of St John of The Cross by Salvador Dali, collection of Kelvingrove Art Gallery, Glasgow.Biography of L. S. Lowry, English Painter "The Mona Lisa" by Leonardo da Vinci. The dramatic use of yellow and red shades also highlights the important characters of the famous paintings attracting our eyes towards them too. The painting by Michelangelo of the Sistine Chapel ceiling is one of the most famous frescoes in the world. Hockney used drawings and a computer to help with the composition and painting. The press release accompanying the Wallace exhibition said:  Here is a list of top 10 most famous paintings all time. This painting is in the collection of the Sistine Chapel Ceiling Fresco - Michelangelo Part of the reason the impressionist painter Claude Monet is so famous is his paintings of the reflections in the lily ponds he created in his large garden at Giverny. The artist Yves Klein is probably most famous for his monochromatic artworks featuring his special blue (see "Living Paintbrush" for instance). The painting has been called the "Dutch Mona Lisa", mostly due to the ambiguous expression of the subject. The painting is displayed at the MoMA.Which Country Has The Most Lakes In The World?The Birth of Venus depicts the emergence of the goddess Venus from the sea. De Kooning's artistic output spanned nearly seven decades and included paintings, sculptures, drawings, and prints. The painting is on display in Mauritschuis in The Hague, Netherlands.How To Tell Which Animal Tourism Activities Are Ethical, And Which Are ExploitativeThe Scream, one of the world's most famous paintings of all time, was painted by Edvard Munch in 1893. Klein had a relatively short career, less than ten years. Van Gogh relied on his brother, Theo, to provide him with paint and canvas, yet today his paintings fetch record prices whenever they come up at an art auction, and he's a household name. It's also been suggested the reason for her smile was that she was pregnant. If you ever worried that your Dimensions: 18cmx13cm. In the collection of the Musee d'Orsay, Paris. 41x32.5cm, oil on artist's board, mounted on panel. When I was at the exhibition, several pieces were thrown in, and the person doing the tossing had had lots of practice from the way he was able to make one painting glide right to the other side of the container. Gormley isn't creating the type of figure he does because he can't do traditional-style statues. The reverse is also true, with Vincent van Gogh. In the Moma displays the paintings "in rows that reflect the chronological order in which [the soups] were introduced, beginning with 'Tomato' in the upper left, which debuted in 1897." This revealed colors much brighter than previously thought. Art students at the St Paul School of Fine Arts' summer classes, Mendota, Minnesota, were photographed in c.1900 with teacher Burt Harwood. Calling himself "the painter of space," Klein "sought to achieve immaterial spirituality through pure color" and concerned himself with the "contemporary notions of the conceptual nature of art"Details from "The Restaurant de la Sirene, at Asnieres" by Vincent van Gogh (oil on canvas, Ashmolean Museum). The V&A Museum in London has five of Leonardo da Vinci's notebooks in its collection. Size: 30x20" (77x53cm). Licensed to About.com, Inc. In an interview with