Before The Deluge

But increasingly, I find that I check out the book summary, and it is entirely up my alley.

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The sort of line that reads, "The visitor is drinking coffee in the kitchen of so and so, who was active in the SDP in those years and now works at the UN."

We’d love your help. Published Which I recommend to every New Yorker who insists LA has no history or culture.

It's still good though it's interesting to read the interviews or rather conversations throughout of those who were alive when it was researched and published. Both? Reading discussion + General comments, background and resourcesWhat happens when a society loses hope?

If you want to see how someone so despicable was able to rise to such heights with moderate support prior to 2017 - look no further!

An undergrad college course I took in European history was so dry and dull compared to this enlightening work.

Set as current obsession "And in the moment they were swept before the deluge" - the moment they traded the fulfillment of life for the artificial version thats only a mediocre temptation, you will lose it all, and that has turned out to be true today. This book, (from 1972 no less), really gives a sense for what a power vacuum feels like in a very tangible sense, while at the same time, demonstrating how the arts can flourish simultaneously, which raises more avenues of inquiry. A new version of is available, to keep everything running smoothly, please Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License Freidrich does more than describe the conditions for the rise of fascism and how a monsters of Nazism and Hitler could receive popular support. Better than an history book, this is a story of the people that made Berlin what is was and how Berlin was seized by those who could never love or support her properly.A vivid chronicle of Berlin in the 1920s and of some of the terrible consequences of the war Europe had stumbled into.

Didn’t really need all the depth given about the theaters, films and nightlife of the time.

A superb "survey" of Berlin in the 20s by a writer whoLots of information in this book. 1 He describes the events that led to a democracy and society failing: The shame and resentment following the loss of WW1, a vengeful France demanding reparations from a country struggling to look after its own population, poor economic management, the battle fought between the socialists and communists, and 10 years of sustained attack on social democratic institutions. I was "pre-qualified" to enjoy this book.

Before the Deluge is a social history of Berlin during the Weimar Republic from 1919 to 1933, covering traditional politics, economics, social conditions, cultural politics, the arts, and the lives of ordinary Berliners and the movers and shakers. Be the first to ask a question about Before the Deluge Learn more The information is not.

Rapidly expanding in population size, Berlin during the 1920s was a city of turbulent and vibrant change – governments coming and going; unions and the army vying for power; communists, socialists and fascists fighting running battles, assassinating rivals, and waging propaganda wars; the currency crashing to worthlessness followed by an economic boom and then another crash; cabaret, theatre, movies and music flourishing; social order becoming liberalised with widespread naturism and promiscuity at the same time that anti-semitism grows steadily; crime, prostitution and drug taking becoming rife; and the intellectual elite in psychoanalysis, physics, architecture and other disciplines flocking to the city.The Goodreads algorithm that predicts books that you might like is getting to know me exceptionally well. Love this track

Browne is a self-proclaimed atheist.

Freidrich does more than describe the conditions for the rise of fascism and how a monsters of Nazism and Hitler could receive popular support.