Bajo Bandera Negra

Quizás deberías comenzar a creer, el mar es un buen lugar para reflexionar. Jean Bart is mentioned once and Jean Lafitte not at all.

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Unfortunately most of that mythology has little basis in fact.

El especialista David Cordingly nos invita a emprender un apasionante y ameno viaje en alta mar para abordar algunos de los secretos mejor guardados de la piratería.The book was interesting, but after a while it started to become monotonous.

To be fair the book is more about the Pirates we (as in English speaking people) love best, and so it works best when discussing certain famous figures such as Morgan and Kidd.

UNDER THE BLACK FLAG tells their story in a rollicking account of the golden age of piracy that is packed with history, anecdote, and above all adventure. piratas y corsarios: modo de vida en los siglos xvii-xviii La piratería es uno de los aspectos de la vida en el mar másmitificados. -- Patrick O'Brian Pirates are so much a part of legend that it is easy to forget they actually existed. EDHASA. Cordingly's bibliography led me to such works as Captain Charles Johnson's extremely influential (and contemporary) account “Their activities reached a peak in the early years of the nineteenth century, when a community of around forty thousand pirates with some four hundred junks dominated the coastal waters and attacked any merchant vessels which strayed into the area. El I'm reading alot of reviews that claim this is more scholarly than entertaining. Eventos en tu librería Otherwise it is quite limited. Welcome back.

The history discussed involves the exploits of such famous men as Edward Teach (better known by his nom de guerre, “Blackbeard”), Henry Morgan, and William “Captain” Kidd.I was tempted to give this book a higher rating since it's actually an interesting subject, but it suffers from a flaw that occasionally pops up in popular summaries of a particular field's historical research in that the book ends up seeming like a slightly disconnected list of facts without much narrative or context (one chapter is literally "pirate ships and also some stuff about pirate movies".)

I found most of this fascinating.

Not for the faint of heart, this text exposes some of the hard truths behind piracy: consequences for captives, punishmens for arrested pirates, the hardships of life at sea.I feel slightly bad about giving it only two stars, I liked it fine, it had some good stuff in it, but it's soemthing irritating about a book that is fluffed up to be a book when it just should have been a good long article.

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Comohiciera en Mujeres en el mar, David Cordingly adopta en Bajo bandera negra unenfoque original para abordar uno de los grandes temas tanto de la historia delmar como de la literatura y el cine de aventuras, y para distinguir la realidadhistórica de la ficción. "Here is a myth about pirates, and here are two places it might have come from but basically it's crap."

Nautical mastermind and historian David Cordingly brings the reader a history of the Golden Age of Piracy, complete with its erroneous misconceptions, as well as insight on the atrocities that were actually performed by these seaIf you're interested in the difference between corsairs (Mediterranean pirates) and buccaneers (Caribbean pirates), or stealth gaming 17th century style, then this is definitely the book for you. 512.

Los piratas siempre ha sido figuras envueltas en un halo de romanticismo que, seguramente, jamás merecieron. Bajo bandera negra (Tierra Incógnita) 28,50 EUR.

2015 The crews of today's ships are so small, and the vessels so large, and the risks so great that usually little resistance is offered. Mejores ventas de bajo bandera negra. Incidencias de pedidos

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Cordingly obviously did his research and included information on many of the famous and not so famous pirates of history including Blackbeard, Captain Kidd, Henry Morgan, etc. PREFACIO Y AGRADECIMIENTOS. ... 1 Daniel Defoe, Historia General de los Robos y Asesinatos de los más Famosos Piratas... Cordingly is an author and historian who is known for his special interest in pirates and other books liNot that Under The Black Flag is really a bad book, I still hated it. There are plenty of side notes and sources for you, if you're the type of person who likes to fact check. Pirates rarely had the time; anyone who resisted was hacked to pieces and thrown overboard. Castellano. Jean Bart is mentioned once and Jean Lafitte not at all. The history of pirating was well researched and presented in an interesting way. BAJO BANDERA NEGRA: LA VIDA ENTRE PIRATAS del autor DAVID CORDINGLY (ISBN 9788435039895). Todos los derechos reservados An invaluable resource! EAN13. No hay causa perdida si, alguien lucha por ella. Bajo bandera negra. Start by marking “Bajo bandera negra” as Want to Read: