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94% job you wanted to do when you were a kid: 29% doctor 17% teacher 11% police officer 10% veterinarian 7% singer 6% firefighter 6% actor 5% astronaut 3% pilot. Our website is the best sours which provides you with 94% Level 4 answers and some additional information like walkthroughs and tips. At this page you can find answers for Level 4 of new trivia game from Scimob – 94% – Quiz, Trivia & Logic.This game including over 1000 different questions based on words, expressions and images. Be sure that we will update it in time. In this game, each level contains three sublevels, one of which is a question of the picture. 94% level 4 answers Posted in 94% answers By emoji On March 1, 2015. The first thing you’d grab if your house was on fireIt wakes you up in the middle of the nightA piece of clothing people buy without trying it onSomething that makes a sound when you open itSomething you do / happens to you when you’re scaredSomething you’d find washed up on a beachSomething that might wash up on the beachSomething you’d find in a bank robber’s bagA reason a student would be moved to the front of the classAn animal that weighs more than 100kg / 200lbsSomething in your house that stays on at nightA place that’s more crowded right after workSomething of which we like to take picturesSomething you’d do if you didn’t have to workPeople get this removed from their bodiesSomething families pass down from generation to generationA food with a country / nationality in its nameSomeone you see everyday other than familySomething you liked as a kid and still appreciateA number you consider when buying a used carSomething you have in both your house and carPeople may lie about this on dating profilesSomething you may find to eat on a deserted islandSomething that makes someone look rebelliousYou don’t like to do it but feel better when it’s doneSomething a guest calls hotel reception aboutSomething toddlers carry around with themSomething you buy by weight at the grocery storeSomething you put in a front shirt pocketSomething a teenager asks permission to doSomeone real or fictional with lots of musclesAn animal to which you don’t want to be comparedA canned food you always have in the pantryFirst thing you do when you get home from workHelp your friends find the 94 answers of the game 94% by sharing this page.An animal that lives in the water and on landThings you always put off for the next daySomething politicians do when running for officeSomething you turn off at the end of the dayA movie with an animal as the main characterSomething electric you use in the morningAn instrument you don’t picture a child playingSomething you change when you move into a houseSomething you always forget to pack for a tripA child star who is still famous as an adultSomething a parent might borrow from a childBesides “love”, a word found in love songsYou worry you didn’t do it when you left your houseSomething you put in a case so it doesn’t breakA profession that involves cutting something all dayBesides books, something you put on a bookshelfA button on a calculator other than a numberSomething you have in your house but never useYou didn’t like it as a kid but like it nowSomething for which a Boy Scout would earn a badgeA job an athlete might have after he/she retiresSomething that can be ruined by a scratchSomething for which you use water every daySomething fast food employees give you too much ofA food people eat directly from its containerSomething you’d rather pay someone to do for youSomething other than your teeth you clean with a toothbrushSomething for which airlines charge extraSomething for which you need to use coinsSomething that happens a lot on soap operasSomething a germanphobe wouldn’t like to doImportant milestones people record for babiesSomething you’d find on a Swiss Army knifeSomething you’d do if you heard a burglar in your houseSomething people save from their wedding daySomething you worry you forgot to do before leaving homeSomething you’d stop doing if you won the lotterySomething we won’t need anymore in the futureSomething you pay someone to do at your home when you travelSomething you have to change from time to time in your houseSomething you have more than one of in your refrigeratorSomething a teacher would take away from a studentSomething people like to do when it rainsSomething you don’t want to see when campingYou always forget to buy this at the supermarketSomething people yell at that can’t yell backA game played on a specific type of tableSomething you keep in the glove compartmentSomething detectives look for at a crime sceneSomething you buy that´s already full of holesIt makes you feel better when you are sickJobs that require a very early morning startA place where you normally don’t wear shoesSomething you buy that you hope you won’t have to useSomething kids get in trouble for drawing onYou have more than two of these on your bodySomething people now do online that they used to do in personThis website uses cookies to improve your experience.

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We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.Something old people and babies have in commonA bodypart that is clothed in winter but not summerOther than eat, something people do on a lunch breakOther than family someone you see everydaySomething you never have enough time to doSomething you shouldn’t talk about on a first dateThe first thing you do when you get in the carSomething you do to wake up when you’re tiredA weather term that can also describe a personSomething you accidentally leave on the roof of your car

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The game app is available on iTunes, … 94% Answers, Solutions and Cheats All Levels Read More » Have fun! 94 % Level 1. We have all the answers and cheats you need to beat every level of 94% game, the addictive game for Android, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

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Some of the puzzles can be tricky and therefore it’s nice to have complete list of answers by your hand. 94%, 94 Percent Answers, Cheats, Solution for iPhone, iPad, Android by By Scimob with most correct answers in English version.


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